Parent Council AGM

Wee reminder to all parents that the Parent Council AGM is on Tuesday 19th June from 7-9pm.

We are really keen that as many of our parents manage along so that we can nurture our partnerships with you as we finish one year and look forward to the next.

It is important that we have representation for all our children and we especially encourage our families where English is an additional language to be involved.

Please find below a letter from Mrs Dickinson our Parent Council Chair:

Dear Parent or Guardian

The Parent Council can not continue to run without your help. This year we have had a great year, but we have struggled to get the support we need to run the Parent Council and the activities to for the children in the school.

Our next meeting is on the 19th of June between 7.00pm and 9.00pm. At this meeting we will wrap up the Parent Council business for this school year and elect new members for next year. Please, please come along get involved. This year committee members will be stepping down and we desperately need other parents to take their place.

If you don’t want to be part of the official committee then you can choose to become part of a group of parents who arrange and support events and fundraising activities for the children. This means that you don’t need to come to formal meetings but can simply get involved with planning and running events throughout the year.

If you are unable to come along but would like to get involved then please leave your name and phone number at the school office or send us an email ( or leave us a facebook message

Thank you

Esther Dickinson

Parent Council Chairperson.

Primary 2 Trip Information


Primary 2 wil be visiting Wester Hardmuir Farm next Monday. We have been awaiting confirmation for the buses.

The children have been given a letter home today please check bags.

I have attached a copy here on the link below.

Please return these by Thursday 14th June.

Thank you.

P2 School Trip

P4 Achievements and News for Week 7 (28th May-1st June)

Well done to those who are moving on to a new times table:
Richard V., Lewis, Mili, Ryan, Caleb, Ellie, Alec, Nathan, James and Malik

Our top spellers this week are:
Kayla, Caleb, James, Calum, Isla and Zuzanna

Our star handwriters are:
Grace, Kayla, Abi, Richard V., Lewis, Caleb, Ellie, Ryan, Malik, Maja, Amelia, Nathan, Jakub, Alastair, Alec, Felix, Fraser, Georgia and Zuzanna

Star homework awards go to:
Caleb, Richard V., Calum, Ryan, Kayla, Georgia, Marina and Ellie for neatly written and interesting spelling sentences.

Pen Licence Challenge:
Many of the children have asked about whether their joined handwriting is good enough for a pen licence award. Everyone was assessed on Tuesday and most children could successfully join their writing. Those who would like a pen licence have to use joined writing in all their work in the following week.

1. Please note there are no new spelling words or times tables’ homework for the week starting Monday 4th May, this is because the children would like to hold a bake sale on Wednesday 6th. Homework is to finish personal projects and hand them in over the next 2 weeks and, if you are able, to bake something to sell in the playground on Wednesday 6th e.g. cupcakes, biscuits. Money raised will buy an ice cream on our class trip.

2. Some of the children took part in a festival of dance held at the High School on Thursday evening. They performed 3 different dances. They all danced confidently and managed to put on a brilliant exhibition. They showcased one of their dances at the school’s Friday Assembly.

The dancers:

P4 dancers

3. Next week the children have a tennis festival. It will be held at Bellfield Park on Thursday 7th, 10-12a.m. Permission slips will be issued on Tuesday 5th.

Thank you to:
To the parents who support our swimming lessons (the heat was torture at the pool!)
To all the parents who brought their children to the dance evening and took part in the audience dance.
Lewis –for the birthday cakes-YUM!