Friday update 26/05/2023

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a lovely, busy week at school. It’s getting to that time of year when the weeks fly by. It was especially lovely to see P7 pupils enjoying their outdoor learning day at Fairburn Activity Centre.

Whole School Trip

We are pleased to inform you that our Fort George trip has been confirmed. It will take place on 1st June 2023. Trip details will be posted on Google Classroom.

Families are asked to contribute £2 per child towards the cost of the transport.

To make the trip more exciting and meaningful, we would like to ask families to engage in home learning opportunities prior to the visit. The resources have been created by the Historic Scotland team.

Sports Day

Sport’s Day will be held on Friday, 2nd June at 12:30pm at Inverness High School.  

We are aiming to leave Central shortly after midday.  

Children will need to have a have a packed lunch on this day. If you require a school packed lunch, please advise your child’s class teacher.

As there is no fixed seating area at IHS you may wish to bring something to sit on.

Classes next year

The children will meet their new teacher for next year during the last couple of days of term once staffing is confirmed.


The charges for breakfast club and out of school club are being increased to £5.05 per hour or £13.10 for a session over two hours with effect from August 23.

Wear Yellow Day

We have an unexpected guest this morning! The Highland Hospice Bee visited the children and shared information about how they help our community. Thank you to all families who donated.

Pupil Comments about learning this week

ELC Lana, Taron

‘’Bees fly around too much and make honey.’’

‘’I have enjoyed finding bugs this week.’’

P1/2A Mohammed, Raia

‘’In class we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been learning the ch sound like chair chomp in spelling.’’

P1/2B Finn, Ruairidh

‘’We have been learning about caterpillars. We have been planting seeds and growing cress making them into cress faces.’’

P3 Lily-Rose, Euan

‘’This week in class we have been learning emotions. We have been making a paper chain of emotions. In drama, we have been growing cress.’’

P4/5 Logan, Connie

‘’We have been practising making Google slides and trying to find everything on a google slide. We have also done a massive paper sheet of times tables. We also have done some sentences learning what words mean in sentences.’’

P5/6 Elias, Jacob

‘’For the past few days we have been learning to add prefixes and suffixes. We have also been researching about the Highland Hospice. We have been creating posters for Yellow Day. We have learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates, so cats and dogs are vertebrates because they have a spine and worms and snails are invertebrates because they have no spine.’’

P6/7 Mary, Chloe

‘’In class we have been doing compass points and directions on maps. We know how to use our compass points to get from one place to another.  In spelling we looked at the 100 most commonly misspelt words so that we know how to spell them properly.’’

P7 Emily, Lillia

‘’When we were at Fairburn we were building rafts as a team. We had to use our paddles to get around the island in under 10 minutes.  We had a great day out with lots of fun.’’

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend

The Central Team


Happy Friday everyone.

This week every class has enjoyed spending learning time outside. 

Our ELC have created a construction area outside and have been loving exploring the loose parts. 

National Assessments

P1 children have been completing their national assessments this week in literacy and numeracy.

Pupil Voice

As part of ongoing school improvement P3-7 took got together today to give feedback on how they feel about:

  • Relationships
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Our School and Community
  • Our Health and Well Being
  • Our Successes and Achievements


P7 visited Inverness High School on Wednesday this week as part of transition to secondary school.

The  pupils were able to experience different subject areas and visit different departments.  The children enjoyed mini tasks such as creating a keychain in Technology, science experiments in Chemistry, and creating a rocket in Physics.

Nursery children worked with primary one children on ordering numbers this week for their transition. 

Eden Court

The engagement team continue to work with the children and preparations for our end of term presentation are well underway.

Trips and events

As we enter the second half of this term we are preparing for numerous class tips and school events, such as sports day. 

Please check google classroom for details and updates.

Pupil comments this week:

P1/2A Rose, Rhiannon

We have been  learning about telling the time.  P2’s learnt about half past and P1 about on the hour (o’clock) time. In literacy P2 wrote about weekend news and antonyms, whilst P1 were practising sentence writing, full stops and capital letters.

P1/2B Jorge, Anna

We have been learning all about using adjectives in our sentences.  We also played games to practise counting backwards and forwards.

P3 Conal, Meadow

We have been learning how to use chimney sums to work out subtraction calculations. In Health and Wellbeing, we had great fun learning about hygiene and how to prepare food safely.

P4/5 Jasmine, James

In numeracy we were practising our numbers skills using ICT and the game hit the button. In science We learnt about the different parts of a plant.

P5/6 Lucja,

In literacy we have been learning how to include similes in our writing.  In RME we learnt about the Prophet Muhammad. We also found out about different museums around the world and what they exhibit.

P6/7 Harry, Mikey

We have been learning how to create directions using compass points and angles.  In literacy we have used speech marks to write dialogue.

P7 Lacie, Callum

We have been learning outside, creating directions to guide our friends around the playground.  We used compass points and angles to do this.  In art we have been experimenting with colour theory.

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update 12/05/2023

Happy Friday everyone,

We are glad to be finishing this week on a warmer note.


Recently we appointed Mrs Tracey and Mrs J Gibb as Early Years Practitioners.  Mrs Tracey is already working with the team and will assume her additional new role with effect from Monday 15th May.  Mrs J Gibb will start soon.  We are pleased to have both as permanent members to our ELC team.

End of Year Reports

The end of year reports will be given out mid-June. 


The charges for breakfast club and out of school club are being increased to £5.05 per hour or £13.10 for a session over two hours with effect from August 23.


We are happy to receive  and recycle old uniform that is still in good condition. 

Wearing uniform is really important for everyone and promotes sense of belonging and equity.  If the uniform is in the wash then clothing in school colours is fine.  We would appreciate your support with this matter.


As a school we expect and promote good conduct and behaviour choices from everyone.  Recently there have been a few occasions when silly behaviours have ended up with people getting hurt and upset.  The team would appreciate if you can talk to your children about what good choices look like.  Thank you.

Mobile Phones

We recognise that mobile phones are an important part of everyday life for our pupils. Phones provide great opportunities for being more connected in the digital world but can also therefore pose a risk for users to be identified or located, and send or receive images they may feel uncomfortable with.

Please find attached some helpful tips and advice which may help you in discussing issues of personal safety and the law using mobile technology with your child.

  1. Keep lines of communication open with your child to ensure that they are not afraid to tell you if they have received an image, unwanted contact or are being pressurised to send any inappropriate photos of themselves. Remind them to report any images they receive to yourself or an adult they can trust.
  2. Remind them to switch off the Bluetooth®, keeping this switched off keeps the device safe from receiving unsolicited images, videos or having their phone hacked.
  3. Remind them of street safety; it is important to be extra careful when walking, running, crossing roads or riding a bike whilst using music players on mobile phones, browsing the internet, chatting or texting.
  4. Many new smart phones can also be used to store documents using apps turning their phone into a ‘drive’. Remind them they should not be storing documents on their phone that contain their personal details as they would not be secure if the phone were hacked, lost or stolen.
  5. Mobile phone theft is often opportunistic and it is wise to remind them that they should not leave their phone in full view unattended.

Home School Partnership Learning

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic ‘Schuman declaration’ that set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

Europe Day is celebrated in many different ways across Europe:

• EU buildings hold open days to teach people about the EU;

• Concerts are put on in many European countries to celebrate different European music;

• Food festivals are held in several European countries to celebrate the diversity of food across Europe

You could celebrate the special day at home by researching a European country of your choice and learn some interesting facts. Share what you have learnt at Show&Tell.

Dates to remember:

The following events will happen in the next few weeks. Specific dates will be published on Google Classroom.

  • P7 trip to Fairburn
  • P7 Library Trip
  • Whole School trip to Fort George
  • Sports Day
  • P7 Landmark Trip
  • P7 Trip to Rollerbowl & Crazy Golf
  • P7 Pizza Hut Evening Meal
  • P7 Leavers Assembly
  • ELC Moving On Ceremony
  • Whole School Performance
  • Meet The Teacher
  • Whole School Disco
  • Summer Picnic

Have a lovely restful weekend,

Mrs Fraser

Friday update 5/5/2023

Happy Friday everyone,

We enjoyed a fantastic end to a lovely week today with our Coronation celebrations.  It was great to see many of you attending our special assembly and hear all about each of the nine monarchs since Central School opened in 1821. The crowns and tiaras were splendid!  Many thanks to our invited guests who took part in the ceremony and crowned the nine monarchs.

GEORGE IV                       ELC                     

WILLIAM IV                      P4/5                   

VICTORIA                          P3                       

EDWARD VII                     P5/6                   

GEORGE V                        P6/7                   

EDWARD VIII                    P7                       

GEORGE VI                       P7                       

ELIZABETH                        P1/2B                 

CHARLES III                       P1/2A                 

Special thanks to Howdens who donated a tree which was planted to mark the special event. Huge thanks to Mr Wozniak for hosting the Coronation Ball this afternoon.

Excellent work everyone!

Pupil Comments about learning this week


We have been learning about numbers “My biggest number was 9.’’

We made towers using 10 bricks, “I made a pyramid, they are in the dessert.”

We have been learning about King George IV and singing our National Anthem.


‘’We have been learning to measure on a scale and learning about King Charles III. We talked to P7’s about fruit into a bar chart and zoo animals escaped and counted them all back up again.’’


‘’They were learning the oi sound in spelling and the National Anthem.’’ 


‘’They have been learning ‘’j’’ words for spelling and reading and singing god save the King.’’


‘’We have done parts of the body in health and wellbeing.’’


‘’We have been learning angles in maths and stone of destiny and King Edward VII.’’


‘’We have been learning  to measure angles and learning about right angle cute angle and also obtuse angle.’’


‘’We have been working hard on the coronation.’’

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend.

See you on Tuesday 9th May.

The Central Team

Friday update

Happy Friday everyone!

Another busy week has flown by and everyone is looking forward to the long weekend.

Spirit of the Highlands

Our P7 children enjoyed a wonderful visit to a Spirit Of The Highlands event.

‘This was about the future plans for Inverness Castle. We watched a 360 degree video that showed us how the Inverness Castle will look in 2025.  We also had a shot on the Virtual Reality Headsets which showed us an immersive experience about the wonderful Highlands.’

Special Assembly

Please remember to let us know if you are able to join us next Friday for our special assembly to mark the King’s Coronation and for our handover to Highland Archive Centre.

A small reminder that we would love the pupils to make their own crowns for the event. These should be brought into school by Wednesday 3rd May.

School Improvement

Our team met with staff from the other primary schools in the Inverness High School group as part of our school improvement. Staff continued to work together on moderation and assessment processes which are in place. Staff had an opportunity to further develop our data analysis of the Scottish National Standardised Assessments that are undertaken by P1, P4 and P7 each year.

Home/School Partnership Learning

National Gardening Week 1st-7th May

National Gardening Week will run from 1st-7th of May. This is run by the Royal Horticultural Society.

‘The theme for National Gardening Week in 2023 is ‘create your coronation container’ to celebrate His Majesty King Charles III and his love of horticulture. The King is known as a champion of the environment and a supporter of the nation’s passion for gardening, so we are inviting people to produce jubilant planting schemes to mark the beginning of his reign.’

Maybe you’d like to draw and design a coronation plant pot for the event!


This week we have been trialling new cloakroom arrangements which are being organised by house groups rather than classes.

‘We feel there has been an improvement in the tidiness within the cloakrooms and it is taking less time to be organised. The pupils are trying hard to win house points.’ House Captains and Vice Captains.

We will continue to monitor and review this.

Playground Leaders

Some P6 pupils will begin training soon with our Active Schools Coordinator to become Playground Leaders. The pupils will take part in 5 weeks of training which will help them learn how to set up and lead different playground games for the younger pupils. Once training has been completed the pupils will lead activities at lunch time for the infant classes. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, build confidence and have fun!

Pupil Comments about learning this week

‘We are learning about kings and queens. We have been enjoying learning about subtraction in maths.’ P1/2A

‘We have read a book called Owl Babies and have started to learn the story.’ P1/2B

‘We have been creating a timeline for Queen Victoria.’ P3

‘We have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies and frogs. We also wrote a letter to King Charles.’ P4/5

‘We have been learning about roots and shoots in spelling.’ P5/6

‘In Maths we have continued to learn about decimals,fractions and percentages. We know how to convert fractions,percentages and decimals into each other for example: 1\2  0.5  50%’ P6/7

‘This week in our maths we have been drawing and measuring.’ P7

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend.

The Central Team

Friday update 21/4/2023

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a lovely first week back and look forward to settling into this busy summer term. 

The weather has been fabulous this week and we hope it continues for the term.

As we hope to be able to spend more time outside please remember sunhats and suncream.

Break and Lunch

After consultation with the children, we have decided to adjust the length of snack and lunch breaks this term.

Morning break has been extended from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.  So far this has helped children to have a bit more time to play and to finish their snack.

We recommend children only bring or buy one snack for themselves at playtime as the local seagulls have spotted that during play there’s unsupervised food in the playground.  which they quite happily attend to.  This can be frustrating for all as the seagulls are more than happy to pick up these “leftovers”  Therefore we are looking at how we can minimise the impact of playtime being spoilt with low flying seagulls.

Lunch is now 40 minutes rather than 45 minutes.  P1/2A and P1/2 B are having lunch with P6/7 and P7 from 12.20 to 1.00 then P3, P4/5 and P5/6 are having lunch from 12.35 to 1.15. These change are easing congestions and noise level in the canteen. 

Children are now lining up after break and lunch in houses. The Captains and Vice Captains are helping to organise the lines .

We intend to monitor the impact of these changes before we decide if they will become permanent.

Coronation Event

As part of the Coronation celebration we would like pupils to make their own crowns at home. The crowns need to be brought to school by 3rd May 2023. School is happy to help if you need.

Click here for a quick guide on a paper crown.

Home School Partnership Learning

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. Earth Day was founded to help people consider their actions and how they affect the Earth and our world. The purpose of Earth Day is to continue helping people think about how to protect and care for our Earth.  We are looking forward to P3 assembly next week relating to Earth Day.

2023 Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet—because a green future is a prosperous future.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to help us change our habits. Think what you can do at home to help the environment and how you can encourage others to change their habits.

Use the link below to find out about different ways to celebrate the Earth Day. 

You may also wish to listen to a story in which Luke role models how children can harness their inner super-hero and help protect the environment. He introduces the concept of Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse through relatable examples children can understand.

Pupil comments on learning this week


‘’We saw solar panels and lots of bugs and plants.’’

‘’We found 3 ladybugs and a butterfly.’’


‘We have been learning about ordinal numbers.’


‘We like to do place value with hundreds, tens and ones.’


We have been learning about adding money to calculate paying the correct amount.’


‘We are growing seeds in a plastic tube. We had to put in a wet cloth (for the soil) inside the tube and put the seed inside.’ P4/5 made predictions about what will happen with the seed.


We have been researching about King Edward VII for the Coronation.’


‘We made a video game about monkeys and football. It’s not a real game but we worked on our imaginative ideas and team work skills.’


‘We have been finding angles in the environment and categorising them.’

School Trips

The team are busy finalising details for some school trips.  We will post details once they are confirmed.

Dates for the diary:

1st May – Bank Holiday – School is closed to all pupils

5th May – Special Assembly  10.45am

8th May – Bank Holiday – School is closed to all pupils

2nd June – Sports Day

5th June – In-service – School is closed to all pupils

Wishing you all a lovely, restful weekend.

Kind regards

​​​​​​​Mrs Fraser