P4 BLOG 21.9.18


We had great fun learning a new story writing strategy. We picked out the important words for the story, we practised putting them into sentences and then told/ re-told the sentences in order and then we added in little actions to represent the important words in the sentences and then we drew the actions onto the story plan and again told/re-told the story before going off to write.

The actions and little cartoon drawings really helped those who sometimes struggle to have ideas and/or those who struggle to get started or need help to keep things in the right order.


We played fast and furious games of indoor hockey using a rubber puck. We had to work out the correct position of our hands on the hockey stick and be mindful not to use it like a golf club!

The ‘Parking Lot’

Each week, the children ‘park’ ideas on post-it notes onto our emotional literacy wall. We then have a circle time where we share ideas about how to improve our learning experiences. This week the minutes included items about: fundraising for a trip to the beach, being able to change tables on a Friday and sit beside someone new, voting in table captains by putting names in a hat to stop arguments, having a story writing half day where all the activities are about writing, bringing in bikes/scooters and challenging ourselves to see how far we can ride around the playground over a certain amount of time and putting some fruit into our Dojo’s prize box. All of these were voted in as things we can organise.

Thank you to… and celebrations:

1. Happy Birthday to James

2. Well done to Charley, Aidan P., Jan, Layla, Felix, Aryan and Mason who did very well in their times tables’ test and will move on to the next times table. The children know that they have to score 9 or 10 out of 10 for two weeks running before they move on to learning the next times table.

3. Well done to Imaad, Aryan, James, Kaii, Mason, Chloe, Malak, Kaya, Layla, Kayla, Alex, Tom, Aidan P., Felix and Steven who got a good score in their spelling test or managed to beat last week’s score

4. Star Writer awards went to Jan, Steven, Felix, Imaad, Kayla, Chloe and Layla. Your child should be able to tell you what they did in order to win their writing award.

5. Well done to Mason and Tyler S. for winning this week’s T-party certificate. They won for showing a huge improvement in story writing; starting at the right time and working independently throughout.

6. Well done to Layla who was our class Dojo points’ winner by one point. It was a close contest!

Reminders and up and coming news

Can all children please have a set of indoor shoes and a full P.E. kit.

No homework has been issued this week. New homework will be issued on Tuesday the 25th. Part of this homework will ask the children to design/re-design a swimming pool or Inverness Leisure Pool. If you are able, it would be good if you could take your child swimming at some point between now and the beginning of October, with a view to thinking about what they would like to change or improve about the swimming pool and its facilities.


European Day of Languages in our Nursery and School!!!

On Thursday 27th Sep we are going to celebrate the wonderful diversity of cultures and languages in our nursery and school and encourage more people to learn a language by showing the benefits of additional languages.

Our children will be encouraged to present their languages and also to learn a few words in different languages. We will be looking at books, listening to songs and have a chance to invite some parents for a story time!

Children can dress in the colours of the flag of their chosen country or wear their national dresses.

In-service Days

Just to remind parents that School and Early Learning and Childcare Centre ( Nursery) are closed on Monday 17th September and Tuesday 18th September for In-service training.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all again on Wednesday 🙂

Our Secret Garden Helper

This week everyone has been trying to work out who our Secret Garden Helper is.

Primary 1 have been writing letters to the Mystery Visitor who painted the garden furniture and repaired the bird table/house in the school garden.   They all did a super job.  Have a look out for their writing in school.

Kirking of the Council

We were delighted to take part in the traditional ceremony Kirking of the Council on Sunday 9th September.  We took part in the parade through the city to The Old High Church and enjoyed refreshments at the Town House after the church service.

P1 Class Blog

The Primary 1 pupils are settling really well in to their classroom. We have been working lots over the past couple of week on rules, routines, expectations and getting to know each other. This week we started learning on our number and phonics work. Many pupils are able to count forward to 20 and beyond. We are learning to form the numbers correctly, sequence them in the correct order and count on from a given number. We have also been doing a little work on counting backwards.  The phonics we have introduced and are learning are: s, a, t, i and p.  If you see these letters ask your child what the Sound is and what Jolly Phonics action goes with it.  Many pupils are grasping the phonics quickly. Great work….keep it up!

We have two term Topics during this term: Mini beasts and Transport. At present we are working on Mini Beasts. It appears that the children are really enjoying it as they are getting to explore in our newly refurbished school garden. On Thursday we went to the Cameron Youth Centre garden to explore and investigate with the P1/2 pupils. We used magnifying glasses and found a wide variety of mini beasts, including: ladybirds, slugs, snails, flies, wasps, spiders, wood lice, moths and earwigs.

Super lining up P1……keep up the great work!