P2 Picasso Witches

Yesterday we began to learn about the artist Pablo Picasso. We looked at some of his portraits and discussed his style of art.

We used his portraits as inspiration to create our very own witches in the style of Picasso.

They have turned out great! Everyone worked so hard and followed the instructions 🙂 Well done P2!

Here are some reflections from the children:

  • “We were learning about how to make funny witches and some of them looked funny.” Callum
  • “I liked trying out the new way.” Hannah
  • “Some of them look really scary and funky.” Lachlan
  • “I enjoyed making it because I made mine funny.” Kaelan
  • “We were making witched like Picasso.” Shevaun”I thought it was really fun because there weren different shapes.” Adam”
  • They look really nice and I like them.” Kamila
  • “I liked making the witches because it was really fun.” Filip