Anti-Bullying Week

P1, P1/2 and P2 have had a super week working together to learn about different areas of bullying.


We looked at what bullying means, we created floor maps to show our thinking.


We watched the film ‘Bunny New Girl’ to help us find bullying behaviours. Each class created floor maps to share our ideas and thoghts. We enjoyed making the bunny masks.


‘How To Fill a Bucket’

Miss Traill read us the story ‘How To Fill A Bucket’. It told us that everyone has a bucket and we discussed ways we could fill up the buckets. Here are some examples from the children.

  • “Tell someone you love them.”
  • “Give your Mum and Dad a hug.”
  • “Play with your friend.”
  • “Make a card for someone.”


On Wednesday we were learning about ‘Big Deal and Little Deal’ behaviours. We read the story ‘ A Bag of Worries’ and discussed things that made us feel worried. We realised that we are all different and some of us had different ‘Big Deal’ and ‘Little Deal’ lists. We will use these in class to help us cope with different behaviours.


We looked at different strategies to cope with bulylying behavours.

Have your WITS about you.

  • Walk away
  • Ignore them
  • Tell someone
  • Stop

We also thought about how to be a good friend. The children completed different stations to help think about this.

  • Station 1- Games
  • Station 2- What makes a good friend?
  • Station 3- Friendship Paper Chains