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When we arrive at Pizza Express we were all excited.

Then they laid out food to taste and asked us questions about the foods.

These were the foods on the table

  1. Mozzarella

2 . Onion

3. Tomatoes

4 . Mushroomm

5. Basil

6. Olive

First step

Flatten the dough with flour and then stretch it out with your hands.

Second step

We put the dough in a pan and We put on tomato sauce on the dough and hit the pan to move the tomato sauce around.

Third step

We put mozzarella on the dough and put it to cook in the oven

P.S . We were enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to take photos.

Ali and Ridwan


Reflections on last week’s learning.

I liked writing our haunted house story and doing the firework posters

We loved making Viking helmets and ducking for apples (The Lion Team)

I liked the Maths’ homework.

I loved the skull colouring, hockey at P.E. and presenting our team poster to the class for filming.


Congratulations to those who earned their ‘pen licence’ for being able to do joined handwriting.


Looking for WOW words during reading.



30th October

Miss Mackintosh and Mrs Wooley took their class on a trip to Tesco to buy their stuff for their Halloween party. 

The children talked about keeping themselves safe and looked for cars when crossing the road.