Monthly Archives: December 2017

Music Matters

 As you know we have been very lucky to have Artsplay Highland visit the nursery during this term to deliver music and movement sessions to our pre-school children through their Music Matters programme.

The children have been thoroughly enjoying these music sessions and have been learning to recognise rhythm through various activities in time to music.  One of Artsplay’s guest artists, Cheryl Heggie tells us…

“I am delighted to have worked with Artsplay bringing music and movement to 16 nurseries across the Highland region.  The children engaged and joined in well, clapping and jumping in time to the music.  We skipped, marched and shook our shakers to the beat and even did a spot of fishing with our ribbons.  We flew in plane and chugged in a train to some fun parachute games and songs.

Music matters will continue next term and Artsplay Highland are planning to arrange a Burns Day ceilidh in the nursery, we are hoping that some parents, families and friends of the nursery children may join us.  We shall provide you with further details in due course.


Smoke’s NO joke!

P6 have been learning about the harmful effects of tobacco can have on the body. They have investigated the social and financial impacts of smoking.

“Our smoking activity was exciting and enjoyable. We had lots of models that represented what happens to your body when you smoke. Our first model was what mummy does baby does. The model represented the things that the pregnant women was doing like smoking, using drugs  and tobacco . We had fun games to play. One of the games we had was matching cards about smoking. The second game was that you had one huge air ball and you had to throw it to another person that’s playing the game with you and then she/he had to read out the question on the air ball and you had to answer it. We enjoyed it because it was very   interesting watching and touching the models’’

By Kayla and Emilia

P7 Update

P7 have finally finished Wonder by R.J. Palacio! It was a fantastic book but very emotional. We are now on to the next book, Auggie and Me. Wonder is now a film and is currently in the cinema. If you get a chance – go and see it! Nanija and Mrs Cameron have both been and thoroughly enjoyed it (although Mrs Cameron did cry a lot!).


Christmas Fair

Thank you to all pupils, staff and parent council for their hard work to create such a great Christmas Fair. The crafts and products that the children made were wonderful and there was a lovely atmosphere. Thank you to all who attended. We will let you know the final amount raised once it has all been calculated.