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P4 Achievements 27.03.18

1. Times Tables Champions:

Alec, Marina, Alastair, Nathan, Caleb and Jack all got 10/10 in their test and will be moving onto the next times table.

2. Spelling Champions:

Gold goes to: Lewis, Richard W., Ryan, Zuzanna, Laura, Jakub, Alec and Kayla
Extra well done to Alec who chose to learn 5 lists and Kayla who learned 6 lists and got them all correct.

Silver goes to: Danny, Amelia, Charlie, Fraser, Calum, Caleb and Liam

Bronze goes to: James, Georgia and Abigail

(most improved in their scores are Danny, Lewis and Amelia-well done!)

Thank you for all the great research facts on Edinburgh. We shared our homework results today and it was really interesting. Did you know that Edinburgh has 112 parks and because of this it is known as the green city?

Special mention to Georgia, Maja, Lewis, Alec, James, Liam, Calum and Nathan who all showed great acting skills, acting out little dramas showing how things can go wrong in the playground and how you might fix them. This was part of our community groups’ learning where most of the children in P4 are learning how to be a peer mediator. They will be trained to use their skills to help solve conflicts in the playground for P1-3 children.

Well done to P4 for all their hard work this term and Happy Easter to all.

P1 Learning

P1 had an Easter Egg competition. The results were so brilliant everyone’s names were put into a tub and pulled out. Everyone received a chocolate Easter egg for their efforts. Well done! Some super patterns.

We were being investigators looking for signs of Spring in our school garden. We found daffodils, buds, leaves and lots of other signs of Spring.

We were working on symmetry and made Easter Bonnets. We plan to wear these to our Daffodil tea on Wednesday 28th March.

Lots of us have been doing really well with our number work. See how well we can form our numbers.


Lunch Time Improvements

We have made a few improvements to the lunch time routine which started today.

We know from our recent feedback from the children, that the canteen can be a bit noisy and they wanted to have their own tables. This has been arranged and was put into practice for the first time today. It went really well.

Highland Council Menus have pictures to show what should be on the children’s plates for each meal (please see the link below). This is how we will offer the food to the children. The children will still make their lunch choice in the morning.

Photo Menu

We have spoken to all the children to reassure them that whilst we wish to encourage them to try different foods if there is anything they don’t like on their plate they do not have to eat it. We will not be forcing anyone to eat something they don’t want to.

We were encouraged today that there were about 30 children who said they had tried something they weren’t sure of and did like it.

Please note there will be no change to any special dietary requirements.

We would be glad if you could chat about lunch with your child and we welcome any feedback you wish to share. If you have any queries or concerns please let us know.

Thank you,

The Central Team.



As next Wednesday is the last day of term there will be no Judo Club after school on 28th March.

The children have been thoroughly enjoying having this experience and we have loved hearing their progress. Judo will restart after the holidays.

Thank you to Robert Inglis for coaching and running this club.


P7 Bus Arrival


We have just been informed that the P7s will be back slightly earlier than planned. They will be closer to 3pm. It would be great if you could help us spread the word.

Thank you,

The Central Team