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P 5 – Recycling Assembly

P 5 – Recycling Assembly

P5 presented their Eco assembly on Friday 2 March. They performed a play all about the importance of recycling. The children worked really hard and should be very proud of the message that they shared with the whole school. The following poem was part of the performance it’s called:

No Time to Waste

What should we do with our rubbish?

The bottles and empty jars,

Newspapers and cardboard boxes,

Old tyres and rusty cars?


Perhaps we can recycle them,

It’s easy as can be,

Just take the old things that you have,

And use them differently.


Banana skins and teabags,

Help the garden grow a treat,

And jam jars filled with nuts and bolts,

Will keep the tool shed neat.


Used clothes can still be handy,

Take a needle and some thread,

And from the different bits of cloth,

Make a quilt instead.


What should we do with our rubbish?

The bottles and empty jars,

Some say its’ not their problem,

But in fact it’s all of ours.


So get your blue bin ready,

And fill it up with haste

Save energy and use less trees

There is no time to waste!

Safe Strong and Free

Calling all Superheroes!

P1, P1/2 and P2 are taking part in the Safe Strong and Free Highland Hero Week. There will be various activitie throughout the week, with a dress up day on Friday 9th March 2018. A donation of £1 for dressing up has been suggested by Safe Strong and Free. Please do not feel obliged to provide fancy dress for your child.

Safe Strong and Free are offering the following prizes:

Family Landmark Ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

Best dressed-up child (parental permission required)

Infinty Pass:

Design a Super Hero Cape- we will be working on this in class.