P4 Achievements and Update

Achievements this week:
1. ‘Gold star’ handwriters are:
Ryan, Charlie, Grace, Laura, Alastair, Felix, Georgia, Amelia, Richard V., Jakub, Fraser, Richard W., Caleb, Maja, Abi and Kayla
2. ‘Gold star’ spellers are:
Ryan, Richard W., Grace, Alec, Kayla, Richard V. and Georgia
3. The Responsible Citizen certificate goes to Georgia for always trying her best, working hard and being a good listener.

A secret nomination award goes to Zuzanna for helping to teach others to tie their shoe laces. Both girls win a trip to the T-party.

We had fun making special pictures in Art.

P4 Art

P4 have a trip to the library next week, on Wednesday 14 at 11:30a.m. The children will be leaving school at about 11a.m. If any parents would like to come along you would be more than welcome.