Daily Archives: 12/03/2018

P6 Trip to Archive Centre

On Friday P6 went to the Inverness Archive Centre. It was a lovely bright day and we enjoyed our walk over in the sun.

When we arrived we were told a little about the building and all the different things that happen within it. We were shown into one of the conservation room where documents are resorted and shown all the different machines used. We learned that all the documents within the building are very precious and were one offs. We then got to go into one of the strong rooms where the documents are held.

We then got to see some documents from WW2 which related to our topic and even some that told us more about our school at that time, it was really interesting!


Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club will be cancelled on Tuesday 13th of March due to parents evening. The last session will take place on 20th of March.

It will restart after the holidays on Tuesday 1st May.

Thank you.