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P4 Achievements

P4 Achievements for the 12th-16th March

1. Champion spellers (Gold-no mistakes in the test, Silver-1 mistake, Bronze-2 mistakes)

Gold winners-Grace, Marina, Kayla, Isla, Laura and Ryan

Silver winners-Jack and Abi.

Bronze winners- Natalia, Georgia, Zuzanna, Alastair and Caleb

2. Top Times Tablers (10 out of 10 in the test and ready to move on to a new times table)
Marina, Alastair, Ellie, Nathan, Abi., Grace, Jakub, Caleb and Kayla

3. Gold Star Handwriting this week goes to:
Grace, Maja, Abi., Kayla, Jack, Alec, James, Richard V., Caleb and Nathan

4. Congratulations to Danny who won a ‘Successful Learner’s’ certificate for working independently on a laptop for our whole story writing session. Danny gets to go to the Tea Party.

5. Prize winners (for reaching 45 or 50 Dojos) are:
Maja, Marina, Jack, Kayla, Natalia and Alastair

Other News
On Wednesday, Mr. Knox and the class went to Inverness Public Library to meet the author Linda Strachan. She read two stories, ‘Greyfriar’s Bobby’ and ‘The Tales on a Cold Dark Night’ The class have been studying the story of ‘Greyfriar’s Bobby’ this week for reading and writing.

Isla says, “It was good!”

Calum says, “It was very interesting.”

A big thank you goes to Charlie’s mum and Grace’s Dad for coming with us.

Thank you also to Georgia’s Mum for the birthday cake on Friday.