Lunch Time Improvements

We have made a few improvements to the lunch time routine which started today.

We know from our recent feedback from the children, that the canteen can be a bit noisy and they wanted to have their own tables. This has been arranged and was put into practice for the first time today. It went really well.

Highland Council Menus have pictures to show what should be on the children’s plates for each meal (please see the link below). This is how we will offer the food to the children. The children will still make their lunch choice in the morning.

Photo Menu

We have spoken to all the children to reassure them that whilst we wish to encourage them to try different foods if there is anything they don’t like on their plate they do not have to eat it. We will not be forcing anyone to eat something they don’t want to.

We were encouraged today that there were about 30 children who said they had tried something they weren’t sure of and did like it.

Please note there will be no change to any special dietary requirements.

We would be glad if you could chat about lunch with your child and we welcome any feedback you wish to share. If you have any queries or concerns please let us know.

Thank you,

The Central Team.