Term 4 Week 1

Achievements this week:

  1. Well done to Lewis who assessed his own handwriting to be the neatest he’d done and won the certificate to go to the T-party.
  2. Well done to Caleb and Richard V. who got a special mention at Assembly on Friday for being caring towards others.
  3. We ate a lot of cake! A big thank you for the two sets of cakes that came in for Zuzanna and Isla’s birthdays.
  4. We had great fun round at the Northern Meeting Park on Friday morning trying out for The Baillie Cup running competition. The sun was shining and everybody managed to run round the cricket pitch twice.
  5. Alec and Caleb have been running round the playground at break times to be healthy and have managed to do 60 laps-what energy!
  6. We had a lovely poetry writing lesson about The Signs of Spring and there were lots of lovely descriptions written. Here is James’ poem.

The Signs of Spring

No snow for now,

It is more sunny every day.

Flowers are growing everywhere and they are beautiful.

Hedgehogs and bears are coming out of hibernation.

Tweeting birds are in the trees.

Butterflies are flying.

Bunnies are hopping out of their dens.

Leavers are growing back.

Lambs are born and they are cute.

Bees and wasps are flying about.

Grass is growing longer.