Daily Archives: 27/04/2018


P2 have had a super busy week of learning.

We have begun our High 5s Programme and the childen have been thinking about the variety of fruit and vegetables and worked cooperatively to create fruit and vegetable ‘rainbows’. They thought of so many different types and their rainbows have brightened up our classroom. Next week we are going to have a tasting session with the dinner lady to try some different fruits and vegetables.

For writing this week we created targets for keeping healthy. We tried to think of one for fitness, food and hygiene. Lots of children said they would like to go for more walks and spend time outside so we hope to plan a walk and trip to Whin Park later on in the term.

We have begun to look at time. The children have all grasped o’clock and we are now working on half past, quarter past and quarter to. The children really enjoyed making clocks using playdough to show different times.

Our Star Pupils who joined Tea Party this week are Daniel and Logan. Well done!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.


We have been learning about “Fair” and “Unfair” and how we need to think about our actions and how it can affect other people. We think it is unfair if people start talking when someone is talking to you. We think it is fair if we all share things fairly, like toys, fruit and pencils.


We have also been learning about nouns and adjectives. Here are some nouns that we came up with: table, tee pee, T.V. and whiteboard. We know that these are things that we can see, take pictures of or touch. Here are some adjectives that we thought of: hard, white, blue, pink, yellow, black and long. Some of us know that these are words that describe nouns.  

We also started to prepare for what we are going to say at our P1 Health and Wellbeing Assembly on Monday 21st May.


Star Pupil of the Week: Well done to Julian!

Star Writer: Michal, Wessal, Hamish M., Eliza, Lois and Julian