P4 Class Blog

Welcome back to a new session.

P4 have been settling in well and working hard.

We have been writing a story about an imaginary pink elephant; where it lives, what it likes to eat and the things it likes to do.

Felix’ elephant owns a lambo and knows how to drive it.

Layla’s makes lots of noise jumping on the roof at night.

Steven’s gets a drink of water and squirts it on his dad!

Kaii’s loves eating bananas and it can peel them itself. It eats 100 every day.

Alex’ sneaks out at dinner time to go swimming.

Tom’s likes eating cheese.

Kayla’s escapes outside every night.

Malak’s wears her hats and everything.

Martyna’s wears her clothes and changes colour like a rainbow.

Kaya’s jumped on the bushes and broke them.

We have also learned how to do our emotional check-in in French. We have completed a spelling test of last year’s common words and we did our first cursive handwriting lesson.

P4 blog

We had great fun, working in teams of 4, to design and start making a junk model cardboard building.

Next week we will be working out the reading and numeracy groups and completing some number assessments. Homework will start on Week 3, Tuesday 4th September.