P7 ASG Sporting Event

On Monday 1st October Central pupils will join other Primary 7 pupils from our associated school group for a sporting event. This will be a great opportunity for pupils to begin to meet each other before moving onto secondary school.

The event will take place at Dalneigh Primary School. We will be walking to Dalneigh after registering in school and  the event will last all day. There may be a possibilty we will be back to school slightly later than 3pm.

The children will need:


Lunch (Packed lunches can be ordered from the canteen- please let Mrs Gibb know if you require one before Thursday 27th September)

Water Bottle

Appropriate Clothing

  • Tracksuit bottoms (pupils may come to school wearing this)
  • School Jumper
  • Trainers
  • Jacket

It will be a great day and opportunity to meet new friends. If there is rain forecast the event will be cancelled. We will be informed on Friday if it will need to be rearranged.

Thank you,

Mrs Gibb