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P4 weekly blog

Thursday – Day of Languages Celebration

  1. We wanted to teach each other the things we knew about different languages. We split into 7 teams and 2 members of each team rotated round the different groups leaving an expert behind each time. Japanese was a big hit with Judo words being taught and Judo moves being demonstrated. We had South African, Urdu, Bangladesh, Polish and a lovely lesson from Malak on Arabic writing. Some of us also chose to make up our own language and demonstrate how it might be written!

2. Our class novel- Esio Trot has tortoise language in it (which is English written backwards) We did some of this for handwriting:

Can you speak tortoise language?

Nac ouy kaeks esiotrot egaugnal?

  1. We also learned some Scottish words from ‘The Sair Finger’ poem by Walter Wingate:Your pinkie? Deary me!I get my specs and see!Noo, dinna greet nae mair.I’m sure that wasna sair?
  2. See there – my nneedle’s gotten’t out!
  3. My, so it is – and there’s the skelf!
  4. Noo, juist you haud it that wey till
  5. You’ve hurt your finger? Puir wee man!

            We had a go at learning this off-by-heart and reciting it out loud to the class.

Number Work

We have been looking at adding hundreds, tens and units. In week one we learned that if you find out your height and multiply it by 3 you get a rough idea of how tall an elephant is. We found out our heights during Maths Week on Measure and so we are now using this information to work out our elephant height. It is quite tricky but we worked in teams of three because three brains are better than one when you have to problem solve.

James’ elephant will be 100+30+100+30+100+30=? centimetres tall. What strategy can you use to add all these numbers together?

Show and Tell

Blog pic 5

We shared all our interesting items with each other and talked about how to do this politely.

Thank you to… and celebrations:

  1. Star Writer awards go to: Mason, Tom, Felix, Kaii, Layla, Tylar N., Aidan, Jamie, Tyler S., Kayla and Charley.
  2. Well done to Malak for winning this week’s T-party certificate. Malak won for her contribution to our languages’ celebration day.
  3. Well done to Felix who was our class Dojo points’ winner.
  4. Well done to Jan and Aidan for star homework and a big WOW to Aryan for being ‘the best of the best’ with his homework this week-it was a truly amazing effort.

Reminders and up and coming news

Homework due in on Monday-spelling, times tables and art (design/re-design a swimming pool)

Parents’ Open Afternoon is next Friday- it will be outdoors; weather permitting, for the children to use all the new playground equipment we have bought. If it rains, we will be inside at ‘good news assembly’ and then up in the classroom for our usual end of week reward time which you will have the opportunity to join in with.

P1 Caledonian Canal trip rescheduled

The P1 Caledonian Canal and Hawthorn Allotment Trip has been rescheduled for Tuesday 2nd October.

Please ensure that the children have appropriate footwear and a warm, water proof jacket for walking to / from the Muirton Locks and the Hawthorn Allotments. The children will be harvesting some of the vegetables in one of the vegetable plots so wellington boots or sturdy walking boots would be best, if you have them. The pupils will also need a snack and a drink of juice or water. We will be leaving Central Primary about 9.30 a.m. and returning to the school about 12 noon. Hopefully the weather will be fine. If the weather is not very good the trip will be postponed again. There is a toilet at the Allotments and snack will be eaten at the Allotments too. Parent helpers are very welcome to join us.

European Day of Languages

The P1 pupils participated in the following activities to celebrate this day:
 Worked with their P7 buddies making flags of the Country of their Nationality.
 Said numbers to 5 in French and Polish….this was very hard!
 Wrote Thursday in English and in French (Jeudi).
 Sang “Frère Jacques” and listened to some other French songs.
 Learned that today the weather was raining in French….”Il Pleut”.