P1 Caledonian Canal trip

The P1 pupils really enjoyed their trip to the Caledonian Canal and the Hawthorn Allotments on Tuesday 2nd October 2018. We asked for the possibility of a boat to be present for our visit to the Muirton Locks and we were delighted as we did not just get a boat….we were very privileged as we got the Lord of the Glens. We had the opportunity to see this massive form of transport travelling through the locks. It was just managing to fit into each lock….Wow! What a size! Some of the P1 pupils even assisted this beautiful boat gain access out of the top lock by opening and closing the top lock gates.

We then had our snack at the Hawthorn Allotments before going to harvest some of Mr and Mrs McMillan’s fruit and vegetables from their allotment. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves digging for potatoes and beetroot. We also harvested other vegetables to add to our soup….such as carrots and onions. A couple of marrow, a cabbage and lots of raspberries were picked….with the raspberries quickly eaten and enjoyed!!

For the adults who came on the trip and any other P1 adults who would like to join us about 11 a.m. on Friday we will be tasting some beetroot and apple soup which we made using some of the crops from the allotment.