Daily Archives: 12/10/2018

P5 class displays

We took time this week to reflect on our learning and to celebrate our achievement so far this term.

We all added a learning highlight and an achievement from outside school to our class display to remind ourselves of all the learning which has taken place.

We have also used our literacy working wall to show the story-writing process which we followed in writing our fantastic stories recently. We have all been delighted with the quality of writing produced. Mrs Mitchell even described our writing as “phenomenal”!

The space on the wall will be filled by some of the brilliant pieces which the children are very proud to have written.

Well done on a successful term P5.

Have a great holiday!

P1 blog post and thank you letters

The P1 pupils were very grateful for the volunteers who gave up their time to take vehicles to the Transport Morning on Wednesday 10th October 2018. The pupils really appreciated the helpfulness of the Caledonian Canal personnel, who organised the Lord of the Glen ship to be going through the Caledonian Canal, Muirton Locks when they visited on Tuesday 2nd October. Here are copies of their Thank You letters. These will be delivered during the October holidays.


Halloween Disco and Bake Sale

The parent council are organising this year’s Halloween Disco and they will be holding a bake sale on the day to raise funds.

The P1-3 disco will run from 1pm-2.30pm and the P4-7 disco will run from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday the 30th of October.

We would be grateful if you could provide baking to support their efforts. If you wish to donate baking you should drop it off at school on the morning of the disco. All baked items should be made without nuts and should be labelled if they contain gluten, raisins or any other possible allergen.

Transport Morning

The Transport Morning on Wednesday 10th October was a big success, with most of the pupils really enjoying the opportunity to get inside vehicles that they might not readily have access to on a day to day basis.  P.C. MacLean brought along a Police van and there was great excitement when pupils were experiencing the driving seat, passenger seat and the prisoner hold cell in the rear of the van.

How many pupils do you think you can get into a Vintage Hillman Minx estate car?  The total we got in was 21 of the infants! The horn on the A40 Farina Vintage car was worn out with all the hooting and all the staff needed ear plugs – along with our neighbours!

The Motor Bike and the push bike were enjoyed by many of the pupils, with quite a few of the infants having a go on the push bike.

The infants also really enjoyed getting on to the bicycles and tricycles  that they used to get to ride regularly in Nursery.

Many pupils asked the owners/drivers of the vehicles very relevant questions during the session so hopefully lots to talk about with parents or in class later.

It was a great morning of fun, new experiences and new learning opportunities and even the sun shone beautifully.