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P4 BLOG 9.11.18

This week has been all about the First World War. We have been very busy making poppies and drawing poppies. We have listened to some interesting personal stories and had two trips out into the community.

On Thursday we walked to the war memorial at Cavell Gardens. Some people had left ‘love on the rocks’ stones. We were allowed to take one and we will re-hide it somewhere in Inverness.

On Friday morning we delivered poppy seeds to the homes on Planefield Road. One lady came out her house and was delighted with the gift. She told us that her daughter used to go to Central and was now a History teacher specialising in The Holocaust. She said she would send the poppy seeds to her daughter who had just moved into a new house and she could plant them in her garden.

We also noticed that some of the houses on Planefield Road had a stone plaque which had 1887 engraved into it as the date they were built.

We have also been practising for a special Assembly on Monday where each class will share something about WW1. We have been learning about the number of soldiers, from each country killed, in the war. The total is shocking – 19 million one hundred and seventy four thousand lost lives. 19,174,000 (according to Wikipedia)

Celebrations and thank yous

Well done to Charley winning the class certificate for getting a poem she wrote, at Creative Writing Club, published.

Our Dojos points’ winner is Steven.

Thank you to Alex and Tom for sharing their Judo medals’ success.

A special thank you to Mason who shared his Dad’s medals from more recent wars.

A special mention goes to Martyna for the beautiful poppy art she did.