P6 special visitor

Last week we had a special guest in our class – Mrs Eckersley. She taught us about British Airways. We learned about the cabin crew and about pilots. The cabin crew get free mosquitoes protection and if they spray it on their tights it actually melts there tights cause that’s how strong it is. We also learned that if you are a member of cabin crew you will get 2 free travels each year. There are few people that die or get really sick on the plain here – some people get heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, diabetes and lots of other reasons.

At the wing of the plane there are bunkbeds for the cabin crew when they rest.  Some pregnant people give birth on the plane, this is not that common because the latest they can board a plane is at 37 weeks pregnant. Sometimes there are 4 pilots and there usually hard to keep them amused.

We got water and popcorn because people get a snack while they are travelling.  We were learning about people travelling in the plane and the skills you need to have to apply for the job. Mrs Eckersley told us about the countries she has visited – the best one for her is Bermuda. She was also showing all the money from their country.

Written by Pixie, Olivia, Adhav and Zuza