Daily Archives: 24/03/2019

MacRobert Cup

A huge Well Done to all P7 pupils who took part in the MacRobert  Cup on Wednesday. The children had a great time and all completed the race.  We felt very proud of them all.

Thank you to Mrs Cameron for training the children and taking them to the event.

Well done!


Let’s Get Scooting!

As a part of promoting active travelling to school, on 27th and 28th of March the children are going to practice their scootering skills. Scooting is a brilliant way for anyone of any age to get about. It’s a really fun activity to help you child moving. It’s healthy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

P4-7 children are going to scooter around the Ness Island.

P1-3 children are going to scooter in the playground.

A huge thank you to Sustrans for providing scooters!

Primary 7 Residential Trip Reminders

All P7 pupils need a packed lunch on Monday unless they have asked Mrs Gibb to order one from the canteen already.

All P7 pupils need to be in school for 9am. The bus will pick us up in the morning.

No Mobile phones are allowed to be taken on the trip. If you have any concerns please contact the school (who can be in  touch with Mrs Gibb) or the Loch Eil Centre when we are away.

I know the pupils are going to have a great week away, see you all tomorrow.

Thank you.