P1-P4 Literacy event

On Monday 10th June the P1- P4 pupils took part in their final 2019 National Literacy Event. The first part was spent in the school garden: reading books, drawing pictures on stones, bugs hunting and making chalk and crayon rubbings of various textures in the garden. Then we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the sun during a trip to Whin park. On arrival at the park the pupils were so excited they went off to explore the park play equipment. After our packed lunches, the P2-4 pupils were issued with their 3rd Literacy Book. Many pupils took the time to look through them, while some read to their teddies and others preferred taking advantage of the time at the park by continuing to explore the park climbing frame and other park equipment. Many pupils enjoyed an ice-cream from the Whin Park shop…an ideal day for such a refreshment! Here are a few snaps of the day.