Daily Archives: 28/06/2019

P7 End of Year

This year the Primary 7 pupils asked to go for a meal together to finish off their year.

We went to Pizza Express and had a lovely night.

Thank you to the Parent Council for contributing to our meal.

We can’t quite believe that next week will be the last week of term! Primary 7 parents are invited to attend the ‘Leavers Assembly’ on Thursday 4th July at 11am. This will be in the school hall.

We hope you can make it along.

Thank you.


Music Celebration

This year we have been very fortunate to have Miss Bates join us as our Musician In Residence.

The pupils have loved the experiences of singing, playing instruments, recording and creating videos.

P1-3 pupils focussed on the River Ness.

P4-7 pupils had songs they had to work on and play along to.

Our music celebration was an opportunity to  share the videos and the P1-3 pupils sang their song ‘The River’.  We were very impressed with the level of creativity, hard work and engagement that the pupils have shown during their music sessions.

The choir also sang beautifully to start the event off.  Thank you to Mrs Fraser and Mrs MacBean for taking the choir.

The P4-7 videos will be passed on to us . When we have them we will try to upload them to the blog.

Thank you to Miss Bates and the pupils for working so hard on all of their projects.

Sports Showcase

What a gorgeous day we had at the Inverness Leisure Centre yesterday at the sports showcase.

The morning was filled with lots of activities including athletics, long jump, tennis, basketball and fustal.

Thank you to all parents, family and friends who came along to see us yesterday.

We would also like to thank the staff at the Inverness Leisure Centre for organising and running the activities.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. Each class will have one final session on Tuesday 2nd July.


The Nursery have had a lovely week in the sunshine doing lots of activities. There was a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and the children’s enjoyed lots of time outside playing with their friends.

When all of the school children were at their sports showcase the nursery children went on an adventure around the school. We went into all of the classrooms, the library and even Mrs Fraser’s office! The children left a trail of post it notes for the school children to find when they got back. We had a great time looking at all the different areas and sitting at the big desks.

The pupils who will be starting Primary 1 had a successful transition lunch on Wednesday and came along to see the school Music Celebration today. We have also been taking part in Resilient Kids sessions to help preapre us for Primary 1. The children have been discussin their feelings through nursery rhymes and different stories.

P1 and P2 beach trip

On Tuesday 24th June the P1 & 2 pupils had a fantastic school trip to Nairn Beach.

Even though the sun didn’t shine the pupils, staff and parent helpers really enjoyed the experience. Travelling by train was such an exciting adventure and the walks to and from the stations weren’t too long. The pupils were very fortunate as they just had to carry themselves….the buckets, spades, changes or clothing, lunches & snacks were transported straight from the school & back, with the kind help of Mr McMillan.

The pupils were greeted when they arrived, by Philip, the Town Crier (Bellman) who formally invited them to Nairn Beach and Play Parks.

There was lots of fun had on the beach…building castles, digging massive holes which were filled up with water by pupils who had buckets and even though the paddling pool wasn’t open we still managed to get wet feet! Great fun! A few pupils had a go at writing their names in the sand. Pupils experienced two different types of Play Parks …. where they had a go of a variety of types of Play equipment. Many of the pupils enjoyed an ice cream…yum yum! See some photos attached. Lots of exhilarated though exhausted children ….and adults ….by the end of the day!

P1 show and tell

The Primary 1 Pupils love to share and talk about their personal items from home.

As a special end of session activity we are going to have a class Show and Tell on Monday 1st July.

We usually encourage pupils to leave their personal items at home but as a one off the pupils may bring one item to share with the class.

They can talk in front of their peers about what they have brought in and they can then answer questions that the pupils or class teacher may have about their item.

The item can be a toy, a teddy, something they like i.e. something precious and interesting to them. Please do not allow them to bring anything valuable.