Music Celebration

This year we have been very fortunate to have Miss Bates join us as our Musician In Residence.

The pupils have loved the experiences of singing, playing instruments, recording and creating videos.

P1-3 pupils focussed on the River Ness.

P4-7 pupils had songs they had to work on and play along to.

Our music celebration was an opportunity to  share the videos and the P1-3 pupils sang their song ‘The River’.  We were very impressed with the level of creativity, hard work and engagement that the pupils have shown during their music sessions.

The choir also sang beautifully to start the event off.  Thank you to Mrs Fraser and Mrs MacBean for taking the choir.

The P4-7 videos will be passed on to us . When we have them we will try to upload them to the blog.

Thank you to Miss Bates and the pupils for working so hard on all of their projects.