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Children in Need

On Friday 15th of November the whole school (including the nursery) are encouraged to come wearing ”spotty” clothes to support Children in Need. All donations welcome.


Thank you for the donations of resources that we have already received. We are looking for resources for the classroom, ELC and playground.

Resources for the classrooms and nursery

Dressing up box: Interesting fabrics, hats, second-hand clothes and accessories. The children can then turn these into anything they want them to be. Plastic tablecloths to make it easier to tidy up after painting and gluing in school. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Linen Basket: Table cloths, sheets, curtains and rugs that children can use to make tents and magic carpets. Fixings box: Simple fixings such as pegs, string, elastic bands and bulldog clips, padlocks, keys, nuts and bolts.

A bag of treasures: Look out for interesting objects such as brass teapots, pine cones, feathers, nice stones, conkers, leaves, mirrors, large sea shells, funny ornaments and peacock feathers which act as prompts and props for children’s play. Avoid china and ceramics which break too easily. Metal and wooden items can take more of a bashing.

Creative Supplies: Paint, paper, glue of course but also found objects, household items to take apart to glean materials (e.g. old radios), vast supplies of cardboard, factory off cuts, natural materials. Allow for abundance and consider creative materials consumable so that you don’t need to be too precious with them (especially with materials that are ultimately destined for the compost heap or recycling).

Resources for the Playground

Roofs, Tarpaulins, shower curtains, sails are all great as they are waterproof. Bedsheets and duvet covers, old curtains, table clothes, blankets and oversized clothing are best kept for dry days. Natural materials, such as palm fronds, reeds, leafy branches.

Supports: Hay bales, large cardboard boxes, tubes, plastic packaging, wooden pallets, brush handles, clothes poles, guttering, cut timber, logs.

Decorative: Curtain poles, curtain rings, coloured fabric, netting, flags, bean bags, cushions, bunting, fixings. Perching points: Old sections of camping mats, cushions, logs, boulders, picnic rugs.

Classics: Skipping ropes, balls, hoops, chalk, old pots and pans, colanders, paint tubs, plastic tubs, utensils, wooden spoons, paint brushes.

Thank you for your ongoing support

The Central Team

Gentle Reminder

With the colder weather now here, could we please remind parents/carers to make sure your child brings sensible footwear, a hat, scarf and gloves.  Thank you😊


Lost Property

Lost property will be outside the office until the end of day on Friday 8th November. Any items that are left will be popped into the MFR Clothing recycling bank. If you are missing any items please come and have a look.

Thank you.