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World Book Day Information (Thursday 5th March)

World Book Day Information

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. Please see the information below for dressing up, a ‘Story in a Box’ competition, cosy read and a cake and some information on games.

Thank you.

Dress Up or Down

  • Pupils may dress up as a character if they wish to
  • If pupils don’t want to dress up no problem, they can dress down.
  • This is for all pupils Nursery-P7
  • No donation required.

‘Story In a Box’ Competition

  • Entries welcome from Nursery-P7
  • Create a scene from a book (fiction or non-fiction), this could be from your favourite book or a book you are reading at school.
  • This can be created in an old shoe box/part of a cardboard box/cereal box turned inside out- be creative!
  • Please ensure you include the title of your book and if you can, a short summary/review of your book.
  • All entries should be taken to school on Thursday 5th March.
  • Winners will be announced in the school assembly on Friday 6th March.
  • The winners will receive a book fair voucher to use at the School Book Fair the following week. ­­

Cosy up with a book and cake!

  • P7s would like to hold a bake sale on World Book Day.
  • All classes will be given an opportunity to purchase a cake and have a cosy read!
  • Cakes will cost 50p each.
  • We would welcome any baking donations, please pop these to the school office before, or on the morning of, Thursday 5th March!


  • We will be running a few games on World Book Day.
  • The games will cost 20p a go.
  • Each class will have an opportunity to play and take part.