Daily Archives: 25/06/2021

Central Two Centuries Project Launch

Happy Friday everyone,

Our team wish you all a wonderful summer and thank you very much for our partnership working throughout the last unusual year. 

As the children move on to their new stage of education we are proud to have served them and our families.  We especially wish our fantastic Primary 7 children every success at secondary school and beyond.

As we break for the summer I am delighted to share a bit more about our 200th Anniversary project which is a joint venture with Central School,  Eden Court and High Life Highland Archive Centre.  With props initially provided by archivist Ms Steele, this term the children have worked hard with the Engagement Team from Eden Court to make a short “call out” film to current, former pupils and their families with connections to Central School.  We hope that we can reach as many folk, going back as far as possible, who would like to share their stories and memories of their own time or their relatives time at our school.

We have made a new website specifically for the project Central Two Centuries and also created our own facebook page.  The details are below:

Central Two Centuries website: https://sites.google.com/highlandschools.net/centraltwocenturies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Central-School-100975115576754/

The Highland Council Corporate Communications Team will share a press release very soon about our exciting project.  I hope you enjoy the film and are able to upload memories and also spread the word far and wide.  It would be fantastic if we can reach the descendants of pupils who attended in the 1800’s!

On behalf of the team have a great summer, take care and enjoy your family time.

See you again in August.

Kind Regards

Mrs Fraser