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Covid Query

Good morning everyone,

We have had a number of queries from parents regarding testing so thought it might be helpful to share information links from ParentClub and Young Scot with you.

ParentClub is aimed at parents but explains how covid and testing can be explained to children, helpful links:

Does my child need a covid-19 test? (this has been on the back to school page for a while)

Covid testing for staff and pupils – this page explains process and links to videos and help

Scottish schools and coronavirus

YoungScot is primarily aimed at young people. Helpful links:

(video) How to do a nasal & throat swab lateral flow test video

What to expect from a Covid-19 test

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Jargonbuster (really helpful for young people)

Hope you find this useful
Mrs Fraser

Friday update

Happy Friday everyone,

Hope you are all well and taking care.

As there is a rise in numbers of infections across Scotland, I would like to reassure everyone that our team continues to be vigilant in following current Covid guidelines and ensuring safe practices. Thank you for your part in helping to keep everyone as safe as we can.

We have had another lovely week at Central and we have all enjoyed the good weather.

Our music teacher Mr Mackenzie visited the team and is ready to start working with the children next week.

The Eden Court and Archive team met with the leadership team this week to detail plans for the term and then shared ideas with staff.  The teachers have made plans to discuss the project Central Two Centuries with the children and ascertain what they would like to explore and learn this term in class.

At our staff meeting this week the team learned a few facts about the original teachers and how the school was set up. We will be sharing this information over time with the children.

We have had a number of stories and photos uploaded onto our website which is wonderful, we hope these keep coming throughout the year to help build our school’s history archive.

To help establish new routines and develop the children’s understanding of social skills the staff will continue to create t charts and heart charts with their classes.  This learning strategy helps everyone to know, understand and be very clear about social skills and what the expectations from everyone are.  This is an example from P1 about lining up.  The children will discuss what lining up looks like and sounds like.   We always encourage a small illustration along with writing so it is very visual for all learners.

School/Home Partnership Learning

An overview for the term will be posted on Seesaw for each class. If you have any questions please get in touch with your child’s teacher.

We hope you enjoyed the handwriting pattern posted last week and how this can help your child improve their pencil grip, and become more confident in their fluency of handwriting.

One pupil commented: “It is a very good idea and it might help some children to get better at writing.”

This week you may like to spend a few minutes on your child’s fine motor skills.  Please find information on fine motor skills by following the link.  As all our pupils are individuals they will be at different stages of mastery with fine motor skills, therefore we would encourage you to have a look at some ideas of activities your family may like to practise.

We would love you to be involved and help us on our improvement journey.

We have had a 25% response to our parent questionnaire. Can you help us increase this by completing the questionnaire? This means better parental voice within our school community. Thank you in advance. Follow this link to access the questionnaire:


We are delighted that the school’s swimming programme at Inverness Leisure starts again next week.  The first class to attend swimming lessons will be P6.  Miss MacDonald will post the finer details on See Saw.

Homework Bags for Primary One

We’d like to invite P1 parents and carers to a Central School Homework Bag Outdoor Ceremony. It will take place on Friday 3rd September at 2pm. A number of years ago our Parent Council kindly agreed to fund a homework bag for each pupil. We give these to the children in p1 so that they have a bag throughout their time at Central School.

Should guidance change, we may not be able to invite parents. If this is the case, we will inform you as soon as we can.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Below are a few photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Fraser

200 and One Great Week!

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a fantastic first week back to school. The children are settling in to their new class routines and have been discussing our school values Safe, Mindful and Aspirational.

Our team are excited to develop relationships with their classes and to continue to provide excellent learning opportunities for all our pupils. We are committed to working hard to develop our partnerships with parents so that we can all help our children thrive and do their best.

This week we have celebrated our Primary 1 to 3 exploring the new outdoor play area, sharing stories and getting to know each other. Primary 4 to 7 have enjoyed developing class charters and working through what Safe, Mindful, Aspirational looks like in daily classroom life.

Our nursery pupils have already started work on friendships, sharing news and they have developed floor books and have put some learning on the walls to show their understanding of what they have learned.

Today our team will have published a welcome letter to parents and carers.

As Head Teacher it has been great to walk through the school this week and to see everybody happy, engaged in their learning and having fun together. A brilliant start to the year! 🙂

This week the children have also had the chance to play in the playground and familiarise themselves with our new outdoor classroom.

This year we have a sharp focus on improving handwriting. If you have a few minutes, please feel free to practice this at home. We are attaching a Youtube link to help with how to hold a pencil and our own short video. If you don’t have a pen or pencil, don’t worry, you can try the patterns in the air or on the ground! The first line is quite long. If this is too much then you might prefer to do the pattern in smaller batches such as the second line.

Handwriting patterns video:

Pencil grip video:

Have a really lovely weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday ready for another super week!

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Welcome back

Hello everyone,

We have had a really lovely first day back and we are looking forward to getting down to our learning in this special 200th Anniversary year, and to continue to play a (Central) part in our community.

Our celebration event on Friday was super, and we were grateful to Simpsons for donating a rowan tree, which was planted at the front of the school and Harry Gow for donating a delicious cake which guests enjoyed! We are also grateful to Compass Building and Construction Services for their donation of a beautiful bench, which will be housed permanently in the school hall underneath the commemorative plaque.

It was fabulous to have members of our school community ranging from age three to 90 years old. We would like to thank the Kelman family for piping the Anniversary procession from Queen Street to Kenneth Street. We would also like to thank the Tracey family, Irwin family, Swanson family, Mackie family and Thomson family for their participation. We would also like to thank our Parent Council Woolley family and Bowman family, the Eden Court Engagement Team, Highlife Highland Archive Team and members of our local council and Education Committee.

On Friday we learned during a speech that the school was a part of the town long before many of its well-known landmarks – the building of the castle as we see it today wouldn’t be started for another 15 years, Craig Dunain Hospital, such a prominent building above the town, and the Cathedral were still 40 years away. The current town house building wouldn’t be constructed until 1882… 60 years after Central School opened!

We chose to plant the Rowan trees because they have long been seen as a symbol of protection in Scotland.  They were often planted around churches, houses and other buildings to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, and to protect those who lived in or visited those buildings. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

New Term Arrangements

Hello everyone,

Starting times

We are really looking forward to seeing everybody after the summer break.

Can we ask for our new P1s to have a slightly delayed start at 9.05am instead of 9am when all of the other children will be coming in.

This arrangement is just for tomorrow and will allow Mrs Guzowski and Mrs MacLennan to greet the children without any congestion.

P2-7 – 9am start

P1 – 9.05am start

Scottish Government Guidance

Please note we continue to follow Scottish Government guidance regarding Covid.

Parents of nursery children are kindly asked to line up at the nursery entrance, while maintaining one metre social distancing.

All children from Nursery through to and including P4 are eligible for a free school meal.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser