Welcome back

Hello everyone,

We have had a really lovely first day back and we are looking forward to getting down to our learning in this special 200th Anniversary year, and to continue to play a (Central) part in our community.

Our celebration event on Friday was super, and we were grateful to Simpsons for donating a rowan tree, which was planted at the front of the school and Harry Gow for donating a delicious cake which guests enjoyed! We are also grateful to Compass Building and Construction Services for their donation of a beautiful bench, which will be housed permanently in the school hall underneath the commemorative plaque.

It was fabulous to have members of our school community ranging from age three to 90 years old. We would like to thank the Kelman family for piping the Anniversary procession from Queen Street to Kenneth Street. We would also like to thank the Tracey family, Irwin family, Swanson family, Mackie family and Thomson family for their participation. We would also like to thank our Parent Council Woolley family and Bowman family, the Eden Court Engagement Team, Highlife Highland Archive Team and members of our local council and Education Committee.

On Friday we learned during a speech that the school was a part of the town long before many of its well-known landmarks – the building of the castle as we see it today wouldn’t be started for another 15 years, Craig Dunain Hospital, such a prominent building above the town, and the Cathedral were still 40 years away. The current town house building wouldn’t be constructed until 1882… 60 years after Central School opened!

We chose to plant the Rowan trees because they have long been seen as a symbol of protection in Scotland.  They were often planted around churches, houses and other buildings to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, and to protect those who lived in or visited those buildings. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser