Daily Archives: 20/08/2021

200 and One Great Week!

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a fantastic first week back to school. The children are settling in to their new class routines and have been discussing our school values Safe, Mindful and Aspirational.

Our team are excited to develop relationships with their classes and to continue to provide excellent learning opportunities for all our pupils. We are committed to working hard to develop our partnerships with parents so that we can all help our children thrive and do their best.

This week we have celebrated our Primary 1 to 3 exploring the new outdoor play area, sharing stories and getting to know each other. Primary 4 to 7 have enjoyed developing class charters and working through what Safe, Mindful, Aspirational looks like in daily classroom life.

Our nursery pupils have already started work on friendships, sharing news and they have developed floor books and have put some learning on the walls to show their understanding of what they have learned.

Today our team will have published a welcome letter to parents and carers.

As Head Teacher it has been great to walk through the school this week and to see everybody happy, engaged in their learning and having fun together. A brilliant start to the year! 🙂

This week the children have also had the chance to play in the playground and familiarise themselves with our new outdoor classroom.

This year we have a sharp focus on improving handwriting. If you have a few minutes, please feel free to practice this at home. We are attaching a Youtube link to help with how to hold a pencil and our own short video. If you don’t have a pen or pencil, don’t worry, you can try the patterns in the air or on the ground! The first line is quite long. If this is too much then you might prefer to do the pattern in smaller batches such as the second line.

Handwriting patterns video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wp4f98t5wjvrdjz/Wideo%2020-08-2021%2C%2017%2014%2046.mov?dl=0

Pencil grip video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RclxBdiuvOM

Have a really lovely weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday ready for another super week!

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser