Daily Archives: 03/09/2021

Friday Update

Happy Friday Everyone,

We’ve had another lovely, busy week and all enjoyed dry weather. Walking round the school this week I have heard lots of positive conversations and interactions. Our children are showing excellent manners which is contributing to a lovely atmosphere in school. We have been paying particular attention to saying please and thank you when opening doors and using people’s names as we go.

Coronavirus update

As numbers are rising, and we have had many queries from parents. We have sought clarification from the Health Protection Team around cold symptoms. If your child displays any cold symptoms, they should stay at home and you should contact NHS Inform.

We really appreciate your vigilance with this so we all stay safe. Can we request that parents do not enter the school reception area as our Coronavirus mitigations are still in place.

Staff development

Our team this week were looking at opportunities for learning using natural objects and materials and enjoyed a session looking at types of play.

You can learn more about this here: https://www.playscotland.org/resources/print/Play-Types-Poster.pdf?plsctml_id=11575

Central Two Centuries Anniversary Project

We are looking forward to welcoming a special visitor as part of our Central Two Centuries project next week. Watch this space.

Some of our classes have been looking at maps this week. Please find attached a map with the original site of Central School for discussion.

School/Home Partnership Learning

Perhaps you will have an opportunity over the weekend to find some natural objects to create something such as a picture. Perhaps you will find opportunities to discuss things such as symmetry, texture and measurement.

In our collegiate session this week our teaching staff were sharing ideas on literacy and numeracy through outdoor learning opportunities and created their own portraits using natural materials. Maybe you can guess which teacher is in each portrait?

At home, if you wanted to stretch learning for example with a natural portrait such as this you might wish to talk about the length of the nose or eyebrows, the position of ears etc. Hope you have fun doing this!

P1 Homework Bags

Thanks to the Parent Council for giving out the homework bags to P1 today. It was lovely to have a short ceremony in our new outdoor classroom and in accordance with recent guidance to have parents able to attend.


Mrs Gibb will return to work in person after the October holidays. She has been keeping in touch with staff at in-service days. Mrs Mitchell will retire at the end of October. We thank her for her service, which has spanned a number of years. Mrs Manson our school Children’s Service Worker is about to take up a teacher training postgraduate place. We are delighted for her but sorry she is moving on as she has been a great part of our team. She will spend next Wednesday with us to say her goodbyes.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Below are a few photos of learning from Seesaw this week along with the map and teacher portraits.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Map reference: “Ordnance Survey 1st Edition Map (25”) Inverness-shire Sheet XII.1 (Available at maps.nls.uk)