Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

Another lovely and busy week at Central.

Care Inspectorate Report

Our recent (June 2021) unannounced Care Inspectorate visit report has now been published. We are immensely proud of our fabulous team who have worked hard to make our nursery the superb environment that it has become.

Warm thanks to Mrs Guzowski, Mrs Green, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Clark, Mrs Cumming, Miss Black, Ms Duncan-Kidd and Miss Mackay. You can read the full report by clicking the link below.

Parents’ Evening

The team are looking forward to speaking with you at your appointments next week.

If you haven’t got an appointment and wish to book one, please send a message to your child’s teacher on Monday.


Thank you for continuing to let us know in a timely manner if your child is going to be off.

We appreciate you letting us know if the absence is Covid related.

Music Tuition

There are opportunities for music tuition at Central. You can find out more from Highlife Highland by clicking the link below.

Central Two Centuries

A small group of P7 pupils were able to visit the Archive Centre this week as part of our Central Two Centuries project.

The children were given a behind the scenes tour, which included a glimpse at the conservation room where some of the oldest items are kept.

They also got to see this image of Inverness in 1821.

“This print of Inverness was drawn and engraved by William Daniell in 1821 for R Ayton’s ‘Voyage Round Britain’. It shows the town from the top of Castle Street and is notable because there is no building on Castle Hill. The drawing is taken from ‘Old Inverness’ by Pierre Delavault (1903).”

School/Home Partnership Learning

This week you may enjoy looking at the 1821 image of Inverness and considering the following questions:

Where do you think the artist stood to make the drawing?

What is the same and what is different?

If you have a chance you may wish to check out this website.

Parent Council

Our Leadership Team are meeting Parent Council soon and hope to be able to share some dates for future meetings soon.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Below are a few photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kind regards,

The Central Team