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Friday Update

Hello everyone,

We have had a lovely first week back despite the downpour on Tuesday! Please be aware, if the weather is very inclement, the children will have their breaks indoors.

As the days are becoming colder can we please ask parents to ensure the children wear warmer clothes to school? We have quite a number of older uniforms if anybody needs spare.

We have a busy term ahead and are looking forward to sharing the annual learning opportunities that arise during the next couple of months.

Face Coverings/Masks

Can I remind all parents when they come in to the school grounds they should be wearing a face covering or mask unless they are exempt?

We appreciate your help with this so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.


From Monday 1st of November we will be selling poppies. All donations are greatly appreciated.

This year we will be trying to find out more about our former pupils who served during the wars. If you have any stories or memories you can share, specifically related to the war please let us know.

COP26 Event at the Cathedral

P6 and P7 are delighted to have been invited to attend and participate in an event at the Cathedral on Monday.

In preparation, we were sent some books which have been shared with the children in class today.

School Home Partnership Learning

As the topic of climate change is very current at the moment, we would encourage families to discuss climate change issues.

There are many online resources that families may wish to research.

Climate conversations will be held across the school next week.

Homework bags

We have updated our reading framework resources and are now moving over to our new reading framework PM Readers.

We ask that the children bring in their burgundy homework bag so that the reading books, which were very expensive, can be protected as they go home.

We are still in the lengthy process of covering the books. This will take time as it is such a big task.

If your child hasn’t been issued a homework bag please make their teacher aware. Thank you for your cooperation.


Primary 5/6 will take part in swimming on Mondays beginning from the 8th of November. The class teacher will post further details.

Out of School Club

For the next few weeks we are sharing some Out of School Club provision with St Joseph’s. Our current families are all aware of the arrangements.

Parent Council Meeting

Just a reminder of our Parent Council dates.

Thursday 25th November

Thursday 27th January

Thursday 31st March.

Northern Meeting Park Consultation

A consultation is being held on possible uses of, and the future management of the Northern Meeting Park.

If you wish to share your views you can do so by following this link:

Please find some photos of learning this week.

Have a lovely, restful weekend

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a really busy, happy and successful term. Thanks to the team for creating positive learning opportunities for the children, thank you to the children for working hard and thank you to parents for working together with us.

A number of parents have asked staff about how to support their child with learning over the holidays.

We would encourage you to:

• Spend time reading and discussing stories

• Make up stories

• Talk about everyday maths at home

• Try to be physically active each day

• Work together on practical tasks such as washing up at home, sorting washing out

• Chat about opinions, for example when watching TV what do you like and what do you not like?

• For older children, consider any media influences that are apparent such as targeted advertising.

And, of course, have fun and enjoy your holidays!

Early Learning and Childcare Centre Welly Waddle

Our nursery children and parents have gone above and beyond to raise funds for the nursery through the Welly Waddle last week. The total fund raised ELC raised is £766 which is fantastic and will go towards purchasing resources to improve play experiences in the nursery. We will post details in due course.

Central Two Centuries

Mr JD and Mr Dave were busy recording voices and recreating sound pictures from photographs taken in the past. We look forward to seeing the finished product once it has been edited.

The Eden Court Engagement Team will continue to work with us next term. We look forward to working with different members of the Engagement Team next term.


We are delighted Miss Bartkiewicz will remain in place as support teacher from Monday to Wednesday for the next two terms. She will also work on Thursdays and Fridays with small groups of children across the school to help with their learning.

Mrs Gibb will return for three days a week after the October holidays. She has kept in touch with the team and was in teaching P7 one day this week. As you are already aware Mrs Mitchell is retiring and after the October holidays Mrs Gibb will assume her duties of working from P4-7 to give teachers their contractual time out of class. In this role she will still be Principal Teacher to the school and Mr Monteith will continue as Acting Principal for two days as Mrs Gibb has reduced her hours.

Miss MacDonald will continue with P6 full time for now.

Our permanent Depute post is to be advertised shortly. We hope to make an appointment before Christmas to this permanent position. In the meantime Mrs Guzowski will continue.

Mrs Picker our clerical assistant has been successful in securing a promoted post. Mrs Skrzypek has been appointed to another post within Highland Council. Miss Mackay will be working less in the nursery as she engages in further study.

Although we will miss the staff who are moving on, we are pleased they have been successful in progressing their careers.

On behalf of the team, I wish everyone a lovely and restful break.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 25th October.

Please find some photos of learning from this week on Seesaw.

Warm regards,

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. This week we have seen the weather turn a bit colder so thank you for sending the children in to school in warmer clothes.

Spare socks etc are always helpful as we head further into Autumn.

Parent Appointments

The team enjoyed catching up with parents this week and to share children’s progress. Thankfully the arrangements seem to have been much smoother than last time and we appreciate you taking time to work in partnership with us.


Miss Duncan Kidd finishes with us today after her recent appointment Community Children’s Worker. We thank her for her service to our nursery and wish her all the best as she moves forward in her career.

Mrs Gibb returns to work next week. She is looking forward to catching up with all the children.

Mrs Mitchell retires at the end of October. We wish her well in her new ventures.

Parent Council

We had an informal meeting yesterday to catch up with Mr Woolley and Mrs Bowman. We have agreed some dates for future meetings which we hope many of you will be able to attend. Meetings will be held on Thursdays from 6 – 7pm and will continue to be virtual for now.

Thursday 25th November

Thursday 27th January

Thursday 31st March.

The Parent Council are a huge support to the school which ultimately has a positive impact on the children. You can get involved on many levels such as attending meetings and contributing your thoughts, just listening to what is going on, sharing your skills and helping with projects. Everyone is welcome and all contributions are valued.

Central Two Centuries

Our project stepped up a gear this week as pupils from P4-7 had an interactive session with Ms Steele- McGinn from the Archive Centre. They were able to see many historical documents and had an opportunity to learn more about our school’s history.

We also had a visit from the granddaughter and great, great granddaughter of Mr W.J Shaw who was Head Master from 1920 to 1944. Mr Shaw had an MBE and exemplary WW1 war record.

His values of community and supporting children and their families are well documented by his family. Mr Shaw’s family have given permission for us to share information with the children as part of our anniversary project. We have attached the photograph of Mr Shaw which is displayed on the wall in the Head Teacher’s office.

Queen’s Canopy

We have applied for a number of trees as part of the Queen’s Canopy. These will be planted during November in planters round the playground.

School Home Partnership Learning

This week we would love families to focus on maths in the home. Can you discuss where maths is relevant throughout the home for example when cooking, shopping, space/area of rooms etc? We would love to hear what you discuss and will be delighted if you can send us any messages or photos. Have fun.

October Break

We finish on Friday 8th October at the usual time for the October break. In Mr Shaw’s time this would likely have been referred to as the Tattie Holiday! We return to school on Monday 25th October at 9am.

Please find some photos of learning this week. Have a lovely, restful weekend Mrs Fraser