Daily Archives: 01/10/2021

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. This week we have seen the weather turn a bit colder so thank you for sending the children in to school in warmer clothes.

Spare socks etc are always helpful as we head further into Autumn.

Parent Appointments

The team enjoyed catching up with parents this week and to share children’s progress. Thankfully the arrangements seem to have been much smoother than last time and we appreciate you taking time to work in partnership with us.


Miss Duncan Kidd finishes with us today after her recent appointment Community Children’s Worker. We thank her for her service to our nursery and wish her all the best as she moves forward in her career.

Mrs Gibb returns to work next week. She is looking forward to catching up with all the children.

Mrs Mitchell retires at the end of October. We wish her well in her new ventures.

Parent Council

We had an informal meeting yesterday to catch up with Mr Woolley and Mrs Bowman. We have agreed some dates for future meetings which we hope many of you will be able to attend. Meetings will be held on Thursdays from 6 – 7pm and will continue to be virtual for now.

Thursday 25th November

Thursday 27th January

Thursday 31st March.

The Parent Council are a huge support to the school which ultimately has a positive impact on the children. You can get involved on many levels such as attending meetings and contributing your thoughts, just listening to what is going on, sharing your skills and helping with projects. Everyone is welcome and all contributions are valued.

Central Two Centuries

Our project stepped up a gear this week as pupils from P4-7 had an interactive session with Ms Steele- McGinn from the Archive Centre. They were able to see many historical documents and had an opportunity to learn more about our school’s history.

We also had a visit from the granddaughter and great, great granddaughter of Mr W.J Shaw who was Head Master from 1920 to 1944. Mr Shaw had an MBE and exemplary WW1 war record.

His values of community and supporting children and their families are well documented by his family. Mr Shaw’s family have given permission for us to share information with the children as part of our anniversary project. We have attached the photograph of Mr Shaw which is displayed on the wall in the Head Teacher’s office.

Queen’s Canopy

We have applied for a number of trees as part of the Queen’s Canopy. These will be planted during November in planters round the playground.

School Home Partnership Learning

This week we would love families to focus on maths in the home. Can you discuss where maths is relevant throughout the home for example when cooking, shopping, space/area of rooms etc? We would love to hear what you discuss and will be delighted if you can send us any messages or photos. Have fun.

October Break

We finish on Friday 8th October at the usual time for the October break. In Mr Shaw’s time this would likely have been referred to as the Tattie Holiday! We return to school on Monday 25th October at 9am.

Please find some photos of learning this week. Have a lovely, restful weekend Mrs Fraser