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Friday Update

We finish another positive happy week at Central School. The children are noticing the changes in the weather and were excited this morning with the potential for snow. Please feel free to send in spare socks and warm garments as we continue to need to keep the rooms well ventilated. Staff will keep checking on the children to make sure that they are not feeling chilly and we have spare jumpers for pupils if anyone is cold.


We were delighted this week for our P4-7 children to experience a short lesson in Gaelic delivered by Miss Maclennan, Principal Teacher of Gaelic at Inverness Royal Academy. Miss Maclennan shared how to pronounce the school badge and some short phrases. The children also looked at our Gaelic Bible which dates back to 1826.

This was an important part of our project as we are fairly sure when the school opened the children would have been taught in Gaelic, and Central School hosted the Gaelic Medium unit in our current nursery unit from the 1980s to 2007.

Weather Warning

Please be aware we have had weather warnings which you may wish to check out on the website below.

Road Safety and School Home Partnership Learning

The children have had fun learning about road safety and the Tufty Club from the 60s and 70s this week. We are uploading some of the pages from the RoSPA workbooks that were shared with the children this week and we hope you enjoy them.

You can find Tufty for yourself on Youtube. We anticipate if you watch this you might want to discuss the stereotypes that were prevalent at the time.

Parent Council Meeting

It was good to have our Parent Council meeting last night and to be able to share our Central Two Centuries project plan and to have open discussions.A couple of points were raised that I wish address again,  our team had decided this year in consultation with some pupils to restrict fundraising but as parents and children asked for us to take part in Children in Need we did a quick u-turn on this decision to accommodate pupil and parental preference. I would like to apologise again if this short notice caused any inconvenience.

The visit to the War Memorial was part of our project however it seems that some parents were unaware of this beforehand and we are sorry if this caused any inconvenience.  As discussed last night at Parent Council there have been a few discrepancies with our messaging service.

I explained to Parent Council last night that we are currently interviewing for a number of vacancies and will share this information once appointments are made.

As part of our anniversary celebrations this year we made Parent Council aware that we will continue to make slow and steady improvements to our playground.

We discussed curriculum rationale and will post this once the children have completed their graphics.

Christmas Parties

Each individual class will have a Christmas Party in the second last week of term. The dates for these parties are as follows.

Monday 13th December – P5/6

Tuesday 14th December – P2

Wednesday 15th December – P7

Thursday 16th December – P3

Friday 17th December – P6 morning, P4 afternoon

Bookbug Bags

The children in P1-P3 have been given Bookbugs Bags to inspire a love of stories, songs and rhymes. Sharing stories and songs with young children helps to develop their language, learning and social skills. The Bookbug Bags support families to do more of these activities, which help build bonds and develop relationships while having fun.

P7 Music

We are delighted that our connection with Eden Court has led to P7 having the opportunity to participate in The Power of Sound project. The class will write, record and produce a piece of music before filming a music video on the theme of transition. The project is being led by Mr Martin from Eden Court and rap artist DJ Ross Carbarns.

Pines Update

The Pines will be holding a virtual session along with the National Autistic Society about how to support children and young people during the festive period.

The session will run from 10.30am-12 noon. If you wish to take part in the session please email with your name, postcode and the email address you would use to join the virtual session.

P6 Sustrans Survey

Sustrans are looking for P6 pupils to complete a survey based on the theme of active living. The survey can be found here:

Attached are some photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Friday update

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had another happy and successful week at Central School. It has been lovely to see and hear all of the learning taking place within our classrooms and outdoors! The children continue to be well mannered and respectful of one another.

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone for your donations today. We raised a fantastic £105.13 for Children in Need!

Central Two Centuries

We will have a Gaelic specialist coming to join P4 to P7 to take part in a short Gaelic session next week. As part of the session, the children will look at the Gaelic Bible, which can be dated back to 1826! For approximately 30 years Gaelic Medium Primary Education in Inverness was based at Central.

Whole School Nurture

I am delighted to let you know that school based nurture is resuming and all pupils will have an opportunity to engage with whole school nurture throughout the rest of the school year. We are looking forward to this starting in December.

Staff Development

As part of our ongoing quality assurance calendar teachers have been visiting each others classes to observe and support each other with learning and teaching.

All Covid mitigations have been adhered to.

Parent Council Meeting

Just a reminder that the next Parent Council meeting will take place on the 25th of November. We will post a link on Seesaw on the day of the meeting.

Road safety

Some of our classes have been learning about road safety this week. Next week the children will have the opportunity to learn about road safety messages from the 60s to the 90s.

Queen’s Canopy

We have received our delivery of trees from the Queen’s Canopy project. These trees will be distributed throughout the playground to boost our biodiversity. We are looking forward to receiving a very kind donation of planters from Morrison Construction in the near future, once they have been hand built.

School Home Partnership Learning

Messy Play can help develop children’s senses as they explore the different textures of materials. Messy Play also helps children develop their imagination as they are allowed to play freely and investigate. Children can gain independence, develop their problem solving skills through Messy Play as they choose the materials, and decide how to make their creations. Remember to dress for mess… old t-shirts, aprons and cover floors with newspapers… Have fun!

Please be mindful of any allergies.


What you need:

• 2 cups of cornflour

• Water

• Food colouring – try mixing the colours together

What to do: Add water to the cornflour until it becomes semi firm. You will now be able to mould this in your hands but when you stop moulding this will become runny. Add more water to make it runnier and gooier. You may wish to do this over a basin!

Leaf Printing

What you need:

• Leaves – try to get difference shapes and sizes

• Paper

• Poster paint in various colours

What to do: Paint the leaves then press painted side down on paper and lift off gently.

Please be aware, this is not essential and it is messy so don’t feel obligated to do this. You may wish to talk to your child about the effects of flour and water as part of the cooking process. You may also have the opportunity to look closely at leaves when you are out. y

Christmas Party Dates

Each class will have their own Christmas Party this year in line with our Covid guidance. The parties will take place in the second last week of term. Confirmed dates will be posted nearer the time.

Lost Property

On Monday afternoon our team will put out lost property items in the shelter near the stage. We hope that many of the items will be reunited with their owners.

Please find attached some photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Children in Need

Although we hadn’t intended to participate in Children in Need this year some parents and children have indicated that the children would like to dress down tomorrow.

If your child wishes to dress down and bring in a small donation for Children in Need we will be happy to pass it on.

Friday update

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. It feels like winter is nearly upon us as the days shorten and it gets dark so early. Thank you to parents for ensuring children have warm clothes and footwear. There is a lot of lost property in the school, which we will begin to sort over the next couple of weeks. If you have any items please let us know so that we can try to get these returned to you. We aim to recycle unclaimed lost property items.

War Memorial Visit

Our children visited the War Memorial on Thursday this week. They looked for the name of Andrew Mitchell Bruce, a teacher from Central School who was killed in the First World War. The plaque in the gym hall is dedicated to him. You can see a picture of the plaque on the Imperial War Museum website by following this link:

The children also found the name of Alistair McKillop, a former pupil who died in a helicopter crash in Belize in 1976. His name was added later.

The children all made poppies, which are displayed on the front gate on Kenneth Street. We hope they survive the rain and last until Remembrance Sunday on the 14th.

Every year the Primary 6 class take responsibility for making a display using the crocheted poppies donated to the school by Mrs Y Byczkowska. This year the children have incorporated the purple poppy for animals killed in war.

Thank you to them for a wonderful display that all of the children have seen.

Central Two Centuries Project Update

Over the next few months, the classes will be learning more about the school’s history and replicating some of the events and traditions from the past. We have had great fun over the last week or so working with the Eden Court Engagement Team who have two more weeks in school this term, prior to our end of term outdoor projection.

Music with Mr Mackenzie

Mr Mackenzie continues to see the children every week for music. We hope the children enjoy learning some festive songs over the next few weeks, now that we are allowed to sing together in class.

Christmas Fayre

Last year we operated an online catalogue for Christmas. Due to operational complexities and Covid restrictions, we have made the decision this year not to go ahead with whole school fundraising at Christmas.

CO2 Monitors

The school have been given a few CO2 monitors so that we can regularly measure the air quality at different points during the day. This is a part of our ongoing Covid mitigations.


There are ongoing transition programmes throughout the year and P7 are looking forward to a visit from Mrs Fyffe from the High School on Monday.

Road Safety Week

Next week is Road Safety Week so we will be looking at road safety and learning about some of the road safety messages from the past.

Parent Council

Reminder that there is a parent council meeting on Thursday 25th of November. We will post the link on the day on Seesaw.

School Home Partnership Learning

We continue to have an ongoing strong focus on spelling and are uploading the Highland Literacy project spelling lists for your information with suggested activities. We would appreciate support for your child at home for spelling.

Queen’s Canopy

We are really pleased to have been successful in our application for trees from the Queen’s Canopy and look forward to receiving these soon.

We will be linking these trees to nurture and plan to have these planted and distributed around the playground to help our biodiversity.

Frame the Change Exhibition

Eden Court are currently running a Frame the Change Exhibition to coincide with the COP26 summit. Families may find this exhibition interesting, and it runs until November 13th.

Home school communication

As you may recall, we have mentioned before it is highly likely we will change our communication with parents before Easter. We are exploring more economical options based in the UK. This matter will be discussed with the parent council who kindly paid half of the Seesaw subscription for this year.

Please find attached some photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

Another busy week at Central. We welcomed back the Eden Court Engagement Team who will be with us for another three weeks this term. As part of the Central Two Centuries project the children are now beginning to replicate different styles and learning tasks that former pupils would have participated in.

The Eden Court Engagement Team are collating this information along with planned green screen work, which will culminate in an end of term presentation. We are excited about this!

School Office

Please note whilst we await a replacement for Mrs Picker the school phone is not fully manned after 12.30. The team will be checking regularly for messages. Please continue to use Seesaw to contact your child’s teacher.

Internet Safety

Through training this week we are reminded to encourage all parents to regularly talk to their children about internet safety and how to stay safe online. This website offers a guide for parents to support these discussions:

Kiddical Mass

Inverness Kiddical Mass is a child-centred version of critical mass; big group ride for all ages around the city to showcase how much fun cycling is, and the need for more safe infrastructure. These events will be happening on the 1st Saturday of every month starting at Bellfield Park at 13:30 and finishing with a meet up in Whin Park.

School Home Partnership Learning

Through collegiate sessions this week, teachers were looking at strategies to help children with their comprehension. Specifically we were discussing the reading skills of predication and inference. We would encourage all parents this week to help their children to predict what may be coming in the texts they are reading. Parents can support this by asking questions such as:

What do you think may happen in this story?

What clues help you to predict what is coming in the story?

What words do you think we may come across?

Please follow these links to find two posters with lots of information on how to support Primary and Early Years children with reading at home.

COP26 Event at Inverness Cathedral

P6 and P7 pupils were delighted to attend an event at Inverness Cathedral to coincide with COP26. Our children did very well to understand some of the complex themes being discussed. Please see attached some photos from the day. There are also some photos on the front page of The Inverness Courier this week.

Please find attached some photos of learning from Seesaw this week. #

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser