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Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

Another busy week at Central. We welcomed back the Eden Court Engagement Team who will be with us for another three weeks this term. As part of the Central Two Centuries project the children are now beginning to replicate different styles and learning tasks that former pupils would have participated in.

The Eden Court Engagement Team are collating this information along with planned green screen work, which will culminate in an end of term presentation. We are excited about this!

School Office

Please note whilst we await a replacement for Mrs Picker the school phone is not fully manned after 12.30. The team will be checking regularly for messages. Please continue to use Seesaw to contact your child’s teacher.

Internet Safety

Through training this week we are reminded to encourage all parents to regularly talk to their children about internet safety and how to stay safe online. This website offers a guide for parents to support these discussions: https://talk.iwf.org.uk/

Kiddical Mass

Inverness Kiddical Mass is a child-centred version of critical mass; big group ride for all ages around the city to showcase how much fun cycling is, and the need for more safe infrastructure. These events will be happening on the 1st Saturday of every month starting at Bellfield Park at 13:30 and finishing with a meet up in Whin Park.

School Home Partnership Learning

Through collegiate sessions this week, teachers were looking at strategies to help children with their comprehension. Specifically we were discussing the reading skills of predication and inference. We would encourage all parents this week to help their children to predict what may be coming in the texts they are reading. Parents can support this by asking questions such as:

What do you think may happen in this story?

What clues help you to predict what is coming in the story?

What words do you think we may come across?

Please follow these links to find two posters with lots of information on how to support Primary and Early Years children with reading at home.



COP26 Event at Inverness Cathedral

P6 and P7 pupils were delighted to attend an event at Inverness Cathedral to coincide with COP26. Our children did very well to understand some of the complex themes being discussed. Please see attached some photos from the day. There are also some photos on the front page of The Inverness Courier this week.

Please find attached some photos of learning from Seesaw this week. #

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser