Daily Archives: 26/11/2021

Friday Update

We finish another positive happy week at Central School. The children are noticing the changes in the weather and were excited this morning with the potential for snow. Please feel free to send in spare socks and warm garments as we continue to need to keep the rooms well ventilated. Staff will keep checking on the children to make sure that they are not feeling chilly and we have spare jumpers for pupils if anyone is cold.


We were delighted this week for our P4-7 children to experience a short lesson in Gaelic delivered by Miss Maclennan, Principal Teacher of Gaelic at Inverness Royal Academy. Miss Maclennan shared how to pronounce the school badge and some short phrases. The children also looked at our Gaelic Bible which dates back to 1826.

This was an important part of our project as we are fairly sure when the school opened the children would have been taught in Gaelic, and Central School hosted the Gaelic Medium unit in our current nursery unit from the 1980s to 2007.

Weather Warning

Please be aware we have had weather warnings which you may wish to check out on the website below.


Road Safety and School Home Partnership Learning

The children have had fun learning about road safety and the Tufty Club from the 60s and 70s this week. We are uploading some of the pages from the RoSPA workbooks that were shared with the children this week and we hope you enjoy them.

You can find Tufty for yourself on Youtube. We anticipate if you watch this you might want to discuss the stereotypes that were prevalent at the time.

Parent Council Meeting

It was good to have our Parent Council meeting last night and to be able to share our Central Two Centuries project plan and to have open discussions.A couple of points were raised that I wish address again,  our team had decided this year in consultation with some pupils to restrict fundraising but as parents and children asked for us to take part in Children in Need we did a quick u-turn on this decision to accommodate pupil and parental preference. I would like to apologise again if this short notice caused any inconvenience.

The visit to the War Memorial was part of our project however it seems that some parents were unaware of this beforehand and we are sorry if this caused any inconvenience.  As discussed last night at Parent Council there have been a few discrepancies with our messaging service.

I explained to Parent Council last night that we are currently interviewing for a number of vacancies and will share this information once appointments are made.

As part of our anniversary celebrations this year we made Parent Council aware that we will continue to make slow and steady improvements to our playground.

We discussed curriculum rationale and will post this once the children have completed their graphics.

Christmas Parties

Each individual class will have a Christmas Party in the second last week of term. The dates for these parties are as follows.

Monday 13th December – P5/6

Tuesday 14th December – P2

Wednesday 15th December – P7

Thursday 16th December – P3

Friday 17th December – P6 morning, P4 afternoon

Bookbug Bags

The children in P1-P3 have been given Bookbugs Bags to inspire a love of stories, songs and rhymes. Sharing stories and songs with young children helps to develop their language, learning and social skills. The Bookbug Bags support families to do more of these activities, which help build bonds and develop relationships while having fun.

P7 Music

We are delighted that our connection with Eden Court has led to P7 having the opportunity to participate in The Power of Sound project. The class will write, record and produce a piece of music before filming a music video on the theme of transition. The project is being led by Mr Martin from Eden Court and rap artist DJ Ross Carbarns.

Pines Update

The Pines will be holding a virtual session along with the National Autistic Society about how to support children and young people during the festive period.

The session will run from 10.30am-12 noon. If you wish to take part in the session please email the.pines@highland.gov.uk with your name, postcode and the email address you would use to join the virtual session.

P6 Sustrans Survey

Sustrans are looking for P6 pupils to complete a survey based on the theme of active living. The survey can be found here:


Attached are some photos of learning from Seesaw this week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser