Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

This week we have all enjoyed some festive cheer and Christmas spirit across our school.

Thanks to Mrs Wylie and our catering team for a lovely Christmas lunch. The children looked great with their hand made Christmas hats. Our team have been amazed at the wonderful seasonal jumpers that have been worn.

School Meals

Last year the Scottish Government announced a commitment to provide Free School Meals for all Primary age children to be delivered in a phased approach by August 2022. From August 2021, the universal provision of free school meals for all children in P1-P3 was extended to include P4 children, this will extend to P5 as from January 2022 when pupils return from the Christmas break.


May I kindly remind folks the windows continue to be open for ventilation and we appreciate the children brining in extra jumpers for times when they are needed? We are trying to discourage wearing coats in the classroom so the children feel the benefit of their outer layers when they go outside for break.

Christmas Card

Delivery Primary 7 took the lead this year on delivering Christmas cards to local businesses and our neighbours on Montague Row. The children and staff have requested that we continue to do this each year and visit different households.

Festive Letter from Eden Court

Huge thanks to The Highland Council and Eden Court for rolling out the online production Festive Letter this year. We all enjoyed this treat of a show.

Christmas Parties

P1-7 have all really enjoyed their class parties this week where they received a small gift each.

Central Fair Play Football

As you may already be aware there have been a number of incidents on the football pitch at break. Our CSW has been working with the children to propose certain tweaks to conduct so that playing football is a more supportive and enjoyable experience. To allow time for discussions across the school we have taken the decision to stop football at breaks till the New Year. The majority of children are very happy about this and in agreement for positive change.

Flu Vaccinations

I am attaching a letter from our local nursing team with advice on flu vaccination catch up sessions.

Home School Partnership Learning

This week many festive and seasonal stories have been shared. Perhaps over the weekend you will be able to share stories about family traditions connected with this time of year?

End of Term Arrangements

We close for the Christmas break at the usual time on Wednesday 22nd December.

Our team wish you all a wonderful break and hope that everyone stays safe and well.

Thank you for your continued support.

Festive wishes,

Mrs Fraser