Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!

Despite strong winds, we finish another positive, busy week at Central School.

Central Two Centuries

The children continue to work on heritage through dance as part of our project this term. We look forward to including some drumming as part of this.


Over the last fortnight the nursery children have been given transition opportunities to help prepare them for Primary 1 in August. This term the children are focusing on phonological awareness. This is a range of skills that help them to be ready to read, write and spell. It is always exciting to see children begin to master literacy skills and become more independent in their learning.

Please follow the link for more information. Over the next few week we will publish on Google Classroom ways to support your child at home.

Connect Us

If you are having any issues accessing the app please let your child’s teacher know. Remember when you download the app you will be asked for a username and pin code.  These are now posted on google classroom for security.

As parents were previously able to message teachers directly, we created a mailbox for each class so direct communication from parents to staff can still happen.  The mailboxes will be checked daily. For urgent communication, please telephone the school.

Parent Council Meeting

We had a positive Parent Council meeting last night.

 Discussions included:

Our Active School Coordinator, Susanne Standish-White joined our meeting to share ideas for after school clubs. She is looking for parent volunteers who would run our potential clubs. With parental support, we could offer a 30-minute Run Jump & Throw session for P1-P3 from 2:30 to 3pm and tennis sessions at the Tennis Club. All ideas are welcome and support will be offered.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mrs Standish-White.

Improvements to our playground and our new goal posts are awaiting construction. We were delighted to received wood donation from John Gordon & Son Ltd sawmill in Nairn and hope that our new goal posts will last as long as the previous one which we reckon it is at least 20 years.

We are looking forward to receiving bikes, which have been ordered to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

The school is committed to continue to provide high standards of learning and teaching which our Parent Council chair recognised with the recent press report.

School Home Partnership Learning

As part of our Anniversary Project, you may enjoy this Learn with Lorna session:

Your local area –

Central School fully supports play-based learning and the many benefits this brings to children in developing their friendships, social skills and managing their emotions.

In the early years especially,learning through play supports thedevelopment of literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. As part of our journey, we would like to share some appropriate resources and ideas to support play in and around home.

We hope you will enjoy using the play padlet.

Made with Padlet

Have a lovely restful weekend,

Mrs Guzowski