Daily Archives: 11/02/2022

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone.

Platinum Jubilee

To mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee,  the children have been enjoying learning more about the Queen’s 70 year reign this week. We hope you enjoy the creative pieces that the children have completed to mark this amazing occasion!

Parents Evening

Our team enjoyed catching up with parents this week at Parents Evening. The role of parents as partners to the school is really important to us as we work together to help the children make good progress, both socially and academically. Thank you for taking the time especially to talk to your children, read and share stories, practise sums and tables and practise handwriting. The daily five minutes really helps to consolidate their learning.

School Home Partnership Learning

As part of our project, Central Two Centuries, classes will be hosting a Spelling Bee in the last week of March to replicate previous years. Feel free to begin practising with the common words which are attached.

Spelling Bee participants hear a word read out, they repeat the word then spell it using letter names. When spelling the words, it is important that the children use the letter name, not the sound eg. S+H+O+P is shop not sh+o+p.   There is a lot of information on the internet, however we couldn’t find a suitable short clip to attach.

School Uniform Social Enterprise Project

Some S3 pupils from the Inverness High School Social Enterprise group came to speak with P6 and 7 classes last week about a project they are working on. They are hoping to collect Central School jumpers that are no longer being used or needed. They will clean and mend them so they can be repurposed for other pupils to use.

If you have any school jumpers that are no longer needed could they be brought into school please? P6 pupils will collect them and liaise with the IHS for collection/delivery.

We have uploaded some key opening and closing dates to Connect Us for your information.

Have a lovely, restful weekend.

Mrs Fraser