Daily Archives: 18/02/2022

Friday Update

Happy Friday everybody, the last few days have been quite cold and windy. We have enjoyed seeing the children happily playing with snow.

Central Two Centuries

As part of our project, the pupils had drumming with the Eden Court Team and Drumfun. All children enjoyed taking part in the session.  Here are some of the comments from the children:

‘’It was amazing. I loved it. I want to do it again.’’

‘’It was fun learning new thing. We were learning a song on African drums.’’

‘’Incredible fun!’’

‘’If you put your hands down, drums go quiet. If you put hands up it goes loud.’’

From 1921, Local Education Authorities were empowered to provide free milk for each pupil at school. On Thursday, we replicated milk at school days and each child received a glass of milk.  Allergies were taken into account.

‘’We got milk because in the olden days they always got milk. It was good because it taste nice.’’

‘’It was a good idea because it makes you very fast at tidying up.’’

School Home Partnership Learning

If you are taking a road, coach or train trip over the February short break, here are few game ideas to help keep everyone occupied.


Handwriting – Before the use of paper at school, pupils used sand and/or slate to write in/on. On your next trip to the beach, have a go at writing in the sand. If you have sand/ground in your garden try it there. If you have, some chalk & slate try this. Is it easier or harder than writing on paper?  We are planning to replicate this in school when to weather is a bit warmer.


February Break and In-service day

Monday 21st Feb to Wednesday 23rd Feb, children return on 24th Feb

Please find attached some photos of learning from this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Guzowski