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Friday update

Happy Friday everyone,

We have all enjoyed the lovely weather this week and made the most of being outside.

Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping us informed if anyone has Covid and for adhering to the guidance.  As we are currently facing a high level of staff absence, I wish to rassure you that we are trying to cover all absences internally to ensure consistency and appreciate your understanding with this.

Next week is the last week of the term and we are looking forward to the learning experiences planned as part of Central Two Centuries.

On Tuesday, in collaboration with Eden Court, we have Drumfun for all classes.
On Wednesday we have our Spelling Bee for all classes.
The teachers have posted the lists. A copy is attached to the update as well.

On Friday we finish the term with a busy Victorian Day where we will look specifically at some of the school’s history and replicate what children may have experienced in the past.

We hope everyone can come dressed for the occasion.  The teachers have spoken with the children about what they might wear.  The most popular items are shorts, skirts, old shirts belonging to a grown up, scarves as a shawl etc.  The staff have impressed that things should be old and not new. At current times we do not want to add any extra pressure to family budgets.  Thank you.

Have a lovely, restful weekend. 
Kind Regards
Mrs Fraser

Friday update

Happy Friday folks,

Everyone has been very busy and made the most of the dry weather.  It was lovely to see some of our children in red today for Comic Relief. 

Thank you for your continued help in supporting the school to stay safe in the ongoing pandemic.  We appreciate your diligence in testing and forwarding results as well as observing good hygiene practices.  I am aware that the guidance may change soon and update you of any changes to Highland’s position statement in due course.

Central Two Centuries

The children really enjoyed dance with Ms Marshall. 

P4-7 were given a presentation by Lorna Steele-McGinn HLH Archive Centre.  Franz and Lilia have summarised the visit below

On Tuesday, we were visited by Ms Steele-McGinn from the Highland Archive centre. She came to teach us about the Highlands and slavery. We learnt that Britain and other countries were exploring the world and claiming different countries as their own. They set up plantations to grow sugar, coffee and cotton to raise money for people back home. It was very hard work at these plantations and white Europeans forced African people to leave their home and do the work for them as slaves. Hundreds of young men made the dangerous journey from the Highlands to make quick easy money. Slaves were treated like animals. They were hired out and sold for money. Slave owners often gave them new names.

People from the Highlands built themselves big houses and estates from plantation money. Buildings like Dochfour house and the Royal Northern infirmary were built with plantation money. It only ended when more and more people realised it was wrong. In 1807 it became illegal to buy and sell slaves. In 1833 it became illegal to own slaves. The slave owners were given money by the British Government to make up for the loss of slaves…The slaves weren’t given anything.

P7 trip

We are delighted this year that P7 are going to have three day trips to Craggan Outdoor Centre.  As this is quite costly P7 are now working on fundraising to help reduce the overall costs. 

Message from P7:

We would like to thank everyone who supported and bought a cup (or two!) of lemonade from our stall this week.  We have raised £75, thank you. J


Mr Monteith Acting Principal Teacher finishes with us at Central at the end of this term to take up an exciting position with Squash Scotland.  He will be working on developing the sport of squash nationally.  We wish him all the very best for his future and sincerely thank him for his fantastic contribution to our school community since 2017.

Mr Taylor our Road Crossing Patroller retires at the end of this term.  He has been in post for a number of years and has enjoyed good relationships with our children and families.  We wish him the best as he puts down the lollipop stick to enjoy more leisure time.

Mr Stirratt has started work with us as a PSA until the summer holidays.  He is a keen sportsperson and we look forward to using his expertise across the school.

Mrs Mackintosh has been appointed as a cook and will start very shortly.  She has been coming into school for enhanced cleaning role for the last two years. 

Home School Partnership Learning

As the weather is improving and we are able to spend a bit more time in the fresh air, we hope you will manage to find some inspiration for outdoor play from the Play Well Outdoors Pack.

Have a lovely, restful weekend.

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update

Happy Friday!

Spring is almost upon us! The children are getting outside a little more and enjoying the warmer days. We are hoping a lot of greenery and flowers will pop up in our school garden.

Central Two Centuries

The children continue to work on heritage through dance as part of our project this term.

The pupils have replicated handwriting before jotters were used. The children enjoyed mark-making and practising cursive handwriting in our sandpit.

Home School Partnership Learning

A simple deck of traditional cards can provide countless maths games for children at varying skill levels. It also helps to bring maths learning with you anywhere you go: car trips, restaurants, or just relaxing at home!

“Children often feel pressure with maths to get the answer right. Card games change children’s perception of learning about numbers in a positive way, help take the fear out of maths and allow them to build their number confidence without worrying about making mistakes.”

Mike Ollerton, member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Please find the attached documents with card games ideas.


P7 have begun their conversations around transition to secondary school and P4 have started working through ‘’Resilience Kids Together’’ to move across the stage. Parents, please make sure you have a chance to talk to your child about transition, as this will support them in preparing for their next big move. If they have questions or worries about anything, remember there is always a member of staff at Central that can help.

The nursery pupils continue to engage in variety of literacy learning opportunities with P1 children and they have enjoyed visiting P1 area.


Local area guiding is looking for more girls to join. If your daughter is interested, please use the link below for more information.

Red Nose Day

Comic Relief continues to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world, so thank you for donating what you can.

Red Nose Day is back on Friday, 18th March.

Children are invited to come to school dressed for the occasion.

They could:

● Wear something red

● Dress down

We will not be selling the red nose day noses at school, as the risk of red nose-swapping may not be the best for children’s safety.


31st March – Parent Council Meeting, the link will be shared on the School App

4th April – First day of Easter Holidays

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Guzowski

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a fantastic week and thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday.

It was great to see folk dressing for the occasion as characters from books, dressing down in casual clothes and being themselves in their school uniform, thank you for your support with this.

World Book Day has been changing children’s lives by encouraging a love of books and reading for 25 years.

During WWII Central School pupils collected 22 000 books to find new homes. Mrs Steele-McGinn from Highlife Highland Archive Centre met with the children from P4-7 and told them a bit more about the original book drive event that we are now replicating.

Mrs Steele-McGinn also showed the children some of her favourite books and the children shared their thoughts about why people read. The reasons given were varied and stimulated some interesting discussions. Mrs Steele-McGinn presented the P4-7 children with books that were given to us through the Scottish Book Trust Campaign. Thanks Mrs MacCormick from Dalneigh Primary who coordinated the application for Inverness High School Group.

Central Two Centuries

Ms Marshall and the pupils enjoyed their dance sessions this week. We hope to replicate handwriting in the sand soon and congratulations to everyone who is practising their Spelling Bee words. We are looking forward to our Spelling Bee and Victorian Day at the end of term.

Home School Partnership Learning

As you are aware, we continue to have a strong focus on improving numeracy skills. We hope you will be able to support your child with their numeracy and enjoy using and adapting the following questions:

  • Give a child a number, both written and oral, and ask how many to the next ten?

For example 16, the next ten is 20 so you need 4 to get to next ten from 16.

When your child is comfortable with tens you can extend to hundreds and thousands.

  • Give you child a number and ask how many more do I need to get to 10?

For example 6, so I need 4 more to get to 10.

This can be extended to 20, 30, 100 etc.  

  • Division: How many apples in each bag if I share my 15 apples equally into 3 bags?
  • Multiplication: How many bananas do I have if there are 5 bags with 2 bananas in each bag?

Have a lovely restful weekend!

Mrs Fraser