Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

We have had a fantastic week and thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday.

It was great to see folk dressing for the occasion as characters from books, dressing down in casual clothes and being themselves in their school uniform, thank you for your support with this.

World Book Day has been changing children’s lives by encouraging a love of books and reading for 25 years.

During WWII Central School pupils collected 22 000 books to find new homes. Mrs Steele-McGinn from Highlife Highland Archive Centre met with the children from P4-7 and told them a bit more about the original book drive event that we are now replicating.

Mrs Steele-McGinn also showed the children some of her favourite books and the children shared their thoughts about why people read. The reasons given were varied and stimulated some interesting discussions. Mrs Steele-McGinn presented the P4-7 children with books that were given to us through the Scottish Book Trust Campaign. Thanks Mrs MacCormick from Dalneigh Primary who coordinated the application for Inverness High School Group.

Central Two Centuries

Ms Marshall and the pupils enjoyed their dance sessions this week. We hope to replicate handwriting in the sand soon and congratulations to everyone who is practising their Spelling Bee words. We are looking forward to our Spelling Bee and Victorian Day at the end of term.

Home School Partnership Learning

As you are aware, we continue to have a strong focus on improving numeracy skills. We hope you will be able to support your child with their numeracy and enjoy using and adapting the following questions:

  • Give a child a number, both written and oral, and ask how many to the next ten?

For example 16, the next ten is 20 so you need 4 to get to next ten from 16.

When your child is comfortable with tens you can extend to hundreds and thousands.

  • Give you child a number and ask how many more do I need to get to 10?

For example 6, so I need 4 more to get to 10.

This can be extended to 20, 30, 100 etc.  

  • Division: How many apples in each bag if I share my 15 apples equally into 3 bags?
  • Multiplication: How many bananas do I have if there are 5 bags with 2 bananas in each bag?

Have a lovely restful weekend!

Mrs Fraser