Friday Update

Happy Friday!

Spring is almost upon us! The children are getting outside a little more and enjoying the warmer days. We are hoping a lot of greenery and flowers will pop up in our school garden.

Central Two Centuries

The children continue to work on heritage through dance as part of our project this term.

The pupils have replicated handwriting before jotters were used. The children enjoyed mark-making and practising cursive handwriting in our sandpit.

Home School Partnership Learning

A simple deck of traditional cards can provide countless maths games for children at varying skill levels. It also helps to bring maths learning with you anywhere you go: car trips, restaurants, or just relaxing at home!

“Children often feel pressure with maths to get the answer right. Card games change children’s perception of learning about numbers in a positive way, help take the fear out of maths and allow them to build their number confidence without worrying about making mistakes.”

Mike Ollerton, member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Please find the attached documents with card games ideas.


P7 have begun their conversations around transition to secondary school and P4 have started working through ‘’Resilience Kids Together’’ to move across the stage. Parents, please make sure you have a chance to talk to your child about transition, as this will support them in preparing for their next big move. If they have questions or worries about anything, remember there is always a member of staff at Central that can help.

The nursery pupils continue to engage in variety of literacy learning opportunities with P1 children and they have enjoyed visiting P1 area.


Local area guiding is looking for more girls to join. If your daughter is interested, please use the link below for more information.

Red Nose Day

Comic Relief continues to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world, so thank you for donating what you can.

Red Nose Day is back on Friday, 18th March.

Children are invited to come to school dressed for the occasion.

They could:

● Wear something red

● Dress down

We will not be selling the red nose day noses at school, as the risk of red nose-swapping may not be the best for children’s safety.


31st March – Parent Council Meeting, the link will be shared on the School App

4th April – First day of Easter Holidays

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Guzowski