Friday Update

We have enjoyed a particularly lovely end of term as part of our project Central Two Centuries.  There was a fantastic show of Victorian attire today and it was great to see the whole school enjoying games outdoors, handwritten poems and a jeely piece for play-time.

At the beginning of the day Mr Woolley and Mrs Steele McGinn replicated the opening of our current old building.  P6 read an article to everyone as we had our first outdoor assembly.  It was a little chilly so we returned indoors as quickly as we could.

We are especially thankful to Mrs Steele McGinn for delivering a bespoke Learn with Lorna in every class on the topic of Victorian Life.  I have attached a link below for you to find out more as a family.

There was a good degree of participants this week in our replication of Spelling Bee.  Well done to everyone who took part and to those children who won in each class.  The children who chose not to take part were equally important and all did a splendid job of remaining quiet as the audience, to allow the contestants to concentrate, fabulous work everyone!

Drumfun on Tuesday was super with everyone enjoying the influence of African culture.

The team hope you all enjoy a lovely break and look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday 19th April.

Happy Easter!

Mrs Fraser