Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

What a super week we have had at school with a buzz everywhere.

It was especially lovely to wave our P7 pupils off on their outdoor learning days to Craggan Outdoors.

They have been having a brilliant time with lots of opportunities for fun, personal growth and team building – super job!  I am sure they will arrive back later today feeling a bit tired. after two full days in the fresh air, mountain biking, canoeing, bush crafting, climbing high ropes and raft building. We are really proud of the children as the Craggan Centre staff commented on how well P7 worked together and how kind they were to one another – great example of our children living the school values of safe, mindful, aspirational. 😊  The children will have their last visit to Craggan on Wednesday 1st June.

It has been really good to get back to the Northern Meeting park this week for Sports Day practice.  The children have loved using the space.  Sports Day will be on 8th June in the morning.  Details of exact times will be posted soon. Parents are welcome to watch.

The team are really looking forward to welcoming Education Scotland Inspectors on 31st May where the school will share our journey of continuity of learning, health and well-being and safeguarding in relation to the pandemic. Great excitement for this week as we will finish with our summer picnic and Queen’s Jubilee celebrations on 2nd June.

This week the trees we received from the Queen’s Canopy as part of the Jubilee, have been planted in the new planters. Well done to Mrs Whiting and the children for overseeing planting, just in time to celebrate the Jubilee! We are very grateful to Morrison Construction’s, Mr Fraser and Mr Farquharson, for helping to provide soil for our planters. We look forward to the remaining planters being filled soon.  Also a big thank you to Mr C MacLennan for volunteering to help tidy the garden.  It is looking lovely.

Next year we will be making regular visits to the Farm at inverness High School, as we have kindly been offered and accepted a plot. We hope to grow some flowers and veggies and develop lots of little green fingers!

Home School Partnership Learning

As the weather continues to improve can you take the opportunity to look at nature and find out about the types of trees in the community?  In the 50’s and 60’s children at Central had to write Nature Notes every weekend. Perhaps you would like to replicate this with your own drawings and notes which you can bring in next week?

Our team are highly committed to continuous improvement and recently we have been reflecting on how to improve the inside environment in our ELC.  This means we are trying to create better visibility for our different learning areas.  We will continue to work on this and address some of the storage challenges we face.  Thanks to the team for their creativity and enthusiasm.

Virtual Session at The Pines

The next Pines Virtual Session is on Thursday 9th June 2022.  The session is with Robert Quigley, online safety officer for Highland Council.  You can book your place now.  Parents & Carers Click Here to book or alternatively use

Mellow Babies, please see information attached.

Wishing everyone a lovely, restful weekend,

Mrs Fraser