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Last update

Hello everyone,

It has been an emotional final week of term.

We said goodbye to our amazing primary 7 children at Leaver’s Assembly today. We wish them all the very best as they move onto secondary school. We also had a teary farewell to Mrs McDonald PSA who finishes on Thursday.

This morning we replicated a photo taken on 27th June 1901 in the hall.

Afterwards the children met their new teacher.

Slips about classes were given to the children and should be in schoolbags.

P1/2A   Mrs Maclennan

P1/2B  Mrs Harvey

P3          Mrs Cameron and Mrs Bartkiewicz

P4          Mrs Guzowski and Mrs Gibb

P5          Mrs McMillan

P6/7      Mrs Milne

P7          Miss MacDonald

We welcome back Ms Traill for 2 days a week, she will cover the non-contact time for staff in upper primary.

We thank Miss Morrison and Miss MacLeod for their service with us and wish them well in their new posts.

We also thank Mr Stirratt, Mrs Mahon and Miss Henry for their service and wish them well for their next steps.

On behalf of the team, I wish to sincerely thank you all for your contributions to our school community throughout this very special year. Today we had a visit from some former pupils of Central School, Mr Fraser, Mrs MacPherson and Mr Simpson who gave us some insight into how things used to be, the dreaded nature notes featured again!!

The stories and memories shared this year have been wonderful and we feel humbled to be part of such a fantastic school community. 

Wishing you all a really lovely, restful summer.

We close on Thursday at noon and re-open on Tuesday 16th August.

Mrs Fraser and Central School Team.

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone!

What a fantastic week it has been at Central! It was great to see so many of you yesterday to mark the end of Central Two Centuries project. We hope you enjoyed the entertainment, performance and exhibition. A huge thanks to our pupils, team and partners Eden Court and Highlife Highland Archive for their wonderful contributions over the last 15 months which made this project so successful.

The children have enjoyed their class trips to local parks today. Thank you to all parents/carers who were able to join us.

P7 Transition to High School
The pupils had a positive experience taking part in transition activity days to secondary schools.
‘’I like the art and design because we could do colouring.’’
‘’I enjoyed tech because we could make our own pencil holder.’’
‘’Classes are fun. It was hard to understand at the beginning, but it got easier.’’

We have planned for the children to meet their teacher for next session on 29th June.
Please be aware that prior to making up new composite classes we speak to children to ensure they have at least one or two friends. As a school we work hard to create opportunities for our classes to mix throughout the year which helps to maintain and strengthen relationships across the school.

End of term arrangements
ELC ceremony on Tuesday 28th June 2.00 – 2.30 Parents are welcome.
P7 Dinner at Pizza Express on Tuesday 28th.
Whole school end of year and P7 Leavers assembly Wednesday 29th June. P7 parents are invited. Doors open 1pm for a 1.15 start.
Whole school closes for the summer break at 12 noon on Thursday 30th June. This includes nursery and Out of School Club.

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend,
Mrs Fraser

Public Awareness Event

Pre-planning application drop-in session

The Highland Council is proposing to construct a pavilion and to refurbish the existing changing facilities at the rear of the existing stand at Bught park, along with proposals to refurbish the existing stand and construct a community pavilion at the Northern Meeting Park, Inverness.

A drop-in session is planned for the above proposal at Canal Park (Highland Rugby Club), Bught Road, Inverness from 10am-3 pm, and Cameron Youth Centre, Planefield Road, Inverness from 6.30-8.30pm on Tuesday 21st of June 2022.

The awareness event is open to all members of the community and comment sheets will be available for completion.  Please note that comments are not representations to the planning authority (The Highland Council).  If a planning application is submitted, there will be an opportunity to make representations on that application to the planning authority at that time.

Weekly update

We had a really lovely time at Eden Court this morning watching the RNSO performance of Gaspard’s Foxtrot.  It was such a treat to experience the story through music. 

Class Trips

Classes will be out and about over the next week.  Everyone is looking forward to spending some time locally and we hope parents are able to join us where possible.

End of year reports

The children will bring their report home at the beginning of next week.

Northern Meeting Park

On Tuesday 21st June there is a levelling Up Fund Pre Application Drop in Event for members of the community.

10 to 3 at Rugby Club, Canal Park  and 6.30 to 8.30 at Cameron Centre Planefield Road.


It is a wee while since we have put out a questionnaire seeking your views.  I would be really grateful if you can take some time to share your thoughts on how we are doing as a school.  The questionnaires are on google form.  The questions are based on HMIe, however please feel free to be anonymous.  We genuinely value all contributions so that we can make the continuous school improvement journey together. Questionnaire links on Connect Us only.  Thank you.

Eden Court Event 23rd June.

We have now finalised our arrangements for the final event of our Central Two Centuries next Thursday.

The plan is to leave Central with a whole school procession at 12.30pm.  We hope parents will join us for this to start the afternoon

We will walk to Eden Court and should arrive for 12.45.

On arrival there will be entertainment on the lawn.

We will then go into the One Touch Theatre to see a performance by the older pupils. (1- 1.30)

Once the performance is over classes will have time to explore the exhibition of our project. 

We will finish around 2.30 – 2.45pm

Due to numbers we are only able to offer one ticket per family to go into the One Touch Theatre from 1-1.30pm.  We had hoped this would be two tickets per family, however this just proved impossible. 

Whilst this may be disappointing we hope other family members will still come and join us for the procession and lawn entertainment at beginning of the event exhibition or come to see the exhibition from 1.30 – 2.30 approx.

We would appreciate if families can let us know if they wish to take up their ticket.

If families wish to take responsibility for their child after the One Touch performance then please let us know.

A paper copy for your preferences will come home tomorrow for return on Monday.  This is attached on Connect Us.

End of term arrangements

ELC ceremony on Tuesday 28th June 2.00 – 2.30 Parents are welcome.

P7 Dinner at Pizza Express on Tuesday 28th.

Meet the teacher on Wednesday 29th June.

Whole school end of year and P7 Leavers assembly Wednesday 29th June.  P7 parents are invited.  Doors open 1pm for a 1.15 start.

Whole school closes for the summer break at 12 noon on Thursday 30th June.  This includes nursery and Out of School Club.