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Friday Update 30 09 2022

Happy Friday everyone.

It is a very wet end to the week!!

We had a lovely end to the week as our P1 children received their homework bags at assembly this afternoon.

Parent’s Evenings

The team have enjoyed meeting with parents this week and to share the children’s progress. 

Feedback from staff and parents seems to be that online meetings work well.  However we would like to strike the balance of parents being able to come in as well so we aim to hold face to face appointments in March.  This may become the pattern in future with term one meetings online and term 3 meetings in person.

Baxters 5K

Everyone is excited for the race on Sunday!  The team have their trainers ready and will be sporting school bibs which will make them easily identifiable for any spectators.  The race begins at 9.30am.  Many thanks to Mrs Bowman and Mrs Guzowski who will be in attendance.  I am really disappointed not to be able to attend this event due to family commitments.  Good Luck everyone!!

Cross Country Championships

P6 and 7 have two teams taking part in the Cross Country Championships on Thursday 6th October at Bught Park. We wish them the best of luck.

School Uniform

We actively promote the sense of belonging to our school by asking that all children wear uniform.  If you need any specific items please be aware that we have some recycled stock that has been kindly donated.

Positive Relationships

Our team is highly committed to establishing and maintaining positive relationships.  We have clear expectations for everyone in school and Steps to Support when needed.  Our guidelines are available for you to read and the steps to support small poster is below.

Thank you for working with us to help everyone manage their behaviour choices, understand the impact these may have on others and to work towards ensuring our values and rules of SAFE, MINDFUL , ASPIRATIONAL permeate all aspects of Central School life.


Along with other schools in the High School catchment area we actively monitor school attendance, including late arrivals. Often pupils can arrive late for unforeseen reasons, but we are noticing pupils who are arriving late to class on a regular basis.  This is really difficult for us all, as we are delighted the children have made it into school, yet we also know that this has  a disruptive effect on learning.  We are committed to working with families to help improve late arrivals and would appreciate any thoughts you have on this matter.  We have created a wee table to highlight the potential loss of learning time for your information.

DayWeekMonthYearNo of school days at 5 hours
5min25min100min975min – 16.25h3 ¼ days
10min50min200min1950min – 32.5h6 ½ days
15min75min300min2925min – 48.75h9 ¾ days

Safe Strong and Free

Safe Strong and Free team is going to host an online information and engagement session to learn about workshops they deliver across Highlands.  It is aimed at parents and carers of nursery and P1 children.


We have a couple of changes to teaching staff that will take effect from October 24th.

Mrs Begg will join our team and teach P3 on Thursdays and Fridays.  She met the children this week.

Mrs Bartkiewicz will move to P6/7 to share the class with Mrs Gibb.  Mrs Guzowski will cover Mrs Gibb’s management time.

Miss Malloch will continue with P4/5 until the post is filled.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Mrs Fraser

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone

It has been a busy and positive week.

We are noting that the weather is changing and it is becoming a bit cooler. We are still trying to ventilate classrooms when needed and therefore as it becomes chillier the children may benefit from an extra layer of clothing.

On Wednesday the photographer came to take class photos.  We appreciate this might have been a bit short notice for families and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

The photos were taken in year groups rather than classes eg P7, P6, P5, P4, P3, P2 P1 and ELC.

We had hoped this would happen before the summer holidays, however we were unable to find a suitable time before the end of term. As the photos have been taken during the Platinum Jubilee year  they will come with a commemorative mount that replicates photos taken in 1953 around the time of The Queen’s Coronation.

Baxter’s 5K

We are excited this year to be participating as a school in Baxter’s 5k.  Thanks to Mrs Bowman and her team of enthusiasts will represent Central School on Sunday 2nd October.  We are able to take late entries on Monday should you wish to support this sponsored venture.

Parent’s Evenings

The team are looking forward to speaking with parents next week.  Please check your email or google classroom for your appointment time and link. 

School Improvement

The School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report are now available on the blog.  This week the team met with staff from Merkinch, Dalneigh, Saint Joseph’s and Bishop Eden’s for joint professional development time.  This is planned for each term over this year as part of our improvement priority Learning, Teaching and Assessment.  It was lovely to meet again in person and thanks to the Dalneigh team for hosting everyone.


We currently have a few vacancies in school and nursery which are being covered by consistent supply staff until they are advertised and filled.  We hope to have interviews for positions over the next four working weeks and will update you once appointments have been made.

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend

Kind regards

Mrs Fraser

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a restful weekend.

On Friday we visited the Garden of Remembrance where two P1 children laid flowers as a mark of respect for Her Majesty The Queen. 

As a school community we appreciated a little time to reflect together during the period of National Mourning.

Our newly elected House Captains Sofia Rose, Callum and Theo signed the Book of Condolences inside St Andrew’s.

Parent’s Evenings

Slips for parent’s evenings next week are in the school bags today.  Please can these be returned to class teachers and key workers by Thursday 22nd?

We have asked that you write your email on the slip, so the team can send an invite through google meet for the allocated time.  Thank you.


Our in-service training last week focused on our school improvement priorities of Learning, Teaching and Assessment and Health and Well Being.

We hope to reschedule our adjourned information meeting for parents in the near future.

Some of our classes enjoyed music today following the long weekend.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser

Message from The Convenor of The Highland Council

It has been announced by Buckingham Palace that Her Majesty The Queen has died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.
The Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Bill Lobban expressed his deepest sympathies to The Royal Family, he said:
“On behalf of The Highland Council and communities of the Highlands, we join the nation in mourning for Her Majesty The Queen. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to all members of The Royal Family and Household and honour Her Majesty The Queen’s long service and duty to the country.”
The Highland Council will observe a 1 minute silence as a mark of respect for Her Majesty The Queen, tomorrow, 9 September 2022 at 11am.