Daily Archives: 23/09/2022

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone

It has been a busy and positive week.

We are noting that the weather is changing and it is becoming a bit cooler. We are still trying to ventilate classrooms when needed and therefore as it becomes chillier the children may benefit from an extra layer of clothing.

On Wednesday the photographer came to take class photos.  We appreciate this might have been a bit short notice for families and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

The photos were taken in year groups rather than classes eg P7, P6, P5, P4, P3, P2 P1 and ELC.

We had hoped this would happen before the summer holidays, however we were unable to find a suitable time before the end of term. As the photos have been taken during the Platinum Jubilee year  they will come with a commemorative mount that replicates photos taken in 1953 around the time of The Queen’s Coronation.

Baxter’s 5K

We are excited this year to be participating as a school in Baxter’s 5k.  Thanks to Mrs Bowman and her team of enthusiasts will represent Central School on Sunday 2nd October.  We are able to take late entries on Monday should you wish to support this sponsored venture.

Parent’s Evenings

The team are looking forward to speaking with parents next week.  Please check your email or google classroom for your appointment time and link. 

School Improvement

The School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report are now available on the blog.  This week the team met with staff from Merkinch, Dalneigh, Saint Joseph’s and Bishop Eden’s for joint professional development time.  This is planned for each term over this year as part of our improvement priority Learning, Teaching and Assessment.  It was lovely to meet again in person and thanks to the Dalneigh team for hosting everyone.


We currently have a few vacancies in school and nursery which are being covered by consistent supply staff until they are advertised and filled.  We hope to have interviews for positions over the next four working weeks and will update you once appointments have been made.

Wishing you a lovely, restful weekend

Kind regards

Mrs Fraser