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Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone,

This week has been very busy.  We have all enjoyed the lovely weather and have had good fun outside. The sandpit was re-opened which was a huge hit 😊

Dandelion Festival

Today the children from P4-7 attended the Dandelion Festival.  They returned to school full of enthusiasm for this event which was fantastic.

Thanks to the parents who were able to come and help.


We have recently done a complete audit on class resources. This week, every class received a significant number of new resources to support learning and teaching across the stages. These included:

  • Maths boxes and equipment
  • Diversity books
  • Diversity play
  • Tuff tray
  • Music box


We remind parents that all children from P1-5 are entitled to a free school meal. Click here to see menu.

During morning registration, the children are able to make their lunch choice for the day.  It families have time it can be helpful to chat about what children might like as their choice.  There is always water and milk available to drink along with bread and a good range of salad to go with their meal.  We are actively encouraging children to remember to use both their fork and knife during their meal. Please find attached Lunches Policy

Home School Parentship Learning

The Scottish Children’s Health Week will take place on 5-11 September 2022. It has been created to focus on the health and wellbeing of children and young people and provides fun and colourful ways to explore and celebrate their right to the best possible health.

The Children’s Health Scotland has prepared a wee leaflet to encourage children and young people to try new activities every day.

Click here

Homework Bags

Primary One children will be given their school homework bag soon. A number of years ago our Parent Council kindly agreed to fund a homework bag for each pupil. We give these to the children in p1 so that they have a bag throughout their time at Central School.

New children throughout the school will also be given homework bags.


Traditionally our school had 4 houses.  We have collectively decided as the school roll has dropped over the last few years that we will reduce the houses to three.  We will continue with Urquhart, Ness and Cawdor.  The children in the upper primary who were previously in Leys have been reassigned to Urquhart, Ness or Cawdor.  We look forward to hearing the speeches from the potential House Captains next week.  Our team and children are delighted that we can now work again in houses which was one of the things we missed during times of restrictions.


Please note that once a session is booked for OOSC/BC, this cannot be cancelled and will be chargeable regardless of attendance. If you wish to cancel or change your child’s attendance hours, please be advised you need to provide 1 months’ notice in writing. If you do not provide a month’s notice you will be charged for an additional month.

Support for ESOL Learners

High Life Highland offers free English classes from Pre-Beginner to National 4 level, including online evening classes and in-person classes during school hours.  In addition, they have Help Hub services, which any non-native English speaker can attend for help with accessing services in English, such as communicating with Universal Credit or the council.  These are on Tuesday morning at Hilton Community Centre, Friday afternoon at the Spectrum Centre and Wednesday morning (ladies only) at the Cameron Youth Centre, with ad hoc appointments at other times if required.  

I have attached the posters for all these services. 

Community Involvement

We are delighted to welcome four S5 pupils from Inverness High School as part of the Community Involvement programme on Wednesdays. This term the pupils will be working with both P1/2 A and P1/2 B. 

Congratulations to our former pupil Lily Kelman on her fantastic achievement of winning the Juvenile World Highland championship.  Lily is the first dance from Inverness and the Highlands to win this. 


8th September   Informal information session on School Improvement Plan        

Link will be on posted on Google Classroom

12th – 13th September         Inservice Day

27th and 29th September    Online Parents Evening

Have a restful weekend,

Mrs Fraser